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Think outside the box for efficiency and environmental gains 

Bruks Siwertell woodyard
17 Mar 2021

As one of the largest manufacturers of containerboard and corrugated packaging in the United States, Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), knows a lot about operating efficiency.

Remote expert assistance enabled with augmented reality platforms

Bruks Siwertell remote service
3 Mar 2021

“Although the current situation forces a change in approach in some circumstances, we have always considered our customer service role as essential,” says Daniel Frostberg, Service Director, Bruks Siwertell. “We know that our machines are expected to work hard day-in, day-out, with the same levels of performance for years.

Difficult waste wood handling demands met with ease 

Corn and test tubes
17 Feb 2021

Bruks Siwertell works closely with biofuel specialists across the world; a recent installation for leading USA-based company, ICM, demonstrates wood-processing technology’s critical role in bioenergy production.

Black gold: making sustainable steps

Bruks Siwertell coal handling
1 Feb 2021

For centuries, coal has provided a cheap, stable source of heat and power for millions, but times are changing; a collective approach to reduce its environmental impact and drive sustainable energy generation is needed.

Customized truck unloader delivers dust control with a difference

Bruks Siwertell drive over truck dump
20 Jan 2021

Technology is often about getting the right balance, sometimes gains in one area of performance are traded against others to deliver a final product that is ideal for a task, but not always.

Extraordinary times require rapid, innovative responses

 A person sitting in front of two screens supporting customers
11 Jan 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about some of the most significant societal changes and restrictions that modern populations have even seen, but within this, the wheels of economies are still turning, requiring business to respond and adapt.

Can we plan for the unknown?

Three persons standing on the ADM shiploader
16 Dec 2020

“Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best; an old saying, but a very effective philosophy,” says Ken Upchurch, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Bruks Siwertell.

Sustainable supply chains: from pellet to power

Bruks Siwertell ship unloader
7 Dec 2020

The pellets arrive at two separate port terminal locations in the UK, both are served by Siwertell multi-fuel screw-type ship unloaders. Two rail-mounted ST 790-D-type units are used for unloading the imported biomass pellets at Associated British Ports’ (ABP) Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal (IRFT) on the north-east coast.

Removing the rollers: air-cushion conveyors glide into the spotlight 

Bruks Siwertell air-cusihon conveyors
27 Nov 2020

Belt conveyors use some of the most trusted and widely applied technology throughout the industrial world. When only very high-capacity belt conveyors will do, we have one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market.

Blossoming sawmill business boosted by innovative waste wood residue solution

Bruks Tubulator at sawmill at SCA Tunadal, Sweden
18 Nov 2020

Following a ten-year development plan that has seen a new sawline inaugurated in 2016 and a new planing mill in 2018, SCA’s Tunadal Sawmill, in Sundsvall, Sweden, is going from strength to strength.