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Bulk handling and wood processing for every operation

Bruks Siwertell's products and solutions fulfill your operations within ship unloading, ship loading, bulk conveying, stacking and reclaiming, truck unloading, chipping, milling, screening and wood-residue processing.

We love engineering and technical challenges. Our focus is on designing and providing you with the most efficient, profitable and environment friendly systems. We can tailor make our solutions according to your specific needs, and can also offer standardized solutions with quick deliveries.

Bruks Siwertell’s market-leading technology can be found across the world in industries ranging from bulk handling, biofuel and bioenergy to board, saw mill, pulp and paper.

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chipping bruks siwertell


Wood-chippers have been used for centuries, making the most out of waste wood materials. Today’s machines have high-performance capabilities vital to supporting the booming renewable energy market, pulp industry and numerous other key applications. The size and variety of the wood to be processed are usually the deciding factors for which technology to select, but some industries require much greater control over chip size, while others need very low running costs. 

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tubulator bruks siwertell


Bruks Siwertell offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of conveyors on the market from traditional belt and idler configurations, to state-of-the-art, extremely efficient air-supported, low friction belt technology. Worldwide, our conveying systems secure the efficiency of dry bulk material handling facilities, including ultra-large power-generation plants that demand some of the largest volumes of material in the world.

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milling bruks siwertell


Bruks Siwertell’s customer-driven milling solutions are specifically designed to add value to wood-processing so that owners benefit from higher yields, improved efficiency and equipment’s long, effective service life. Any element that can be enhanced during processing will positively impact efficiency and therefore yield. Even small changes in milling can deliver significant savings and processing advantages.

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screen bruks siwertell


Screening is a vital step in bulk material-processing. It ensures a consistent size and quality in end products and removes fines and other unusable pieces from the wood chip supply chain, making onward processing more efficient. By ensuring that oversized pieces are separated from a load, our screening systems can eliminate material handling problems and any unnecessary downstream damage or inefficiency to wood-processing equipment or other machinery.

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shiploader bruks siwertell

Ship loading

All Bruks Siwertell loaders are individually designed to perfectly suit their operational requirements. Bruks Siwertell has delivered Siwertell systems with loading capacities up to 4,500t/h and we can design and deliver loading capacity as high as 12,000t/h if required. Bruks Siwertell ship loaders are cost effective and kind to the environment. They are supplied with loading spouts designed to suit the material to be handled, reducing dust and spillage to a minimum.

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Ship unloading

The Siwertell ship unloader is designed to transfer dry-bulk cargo from ship to shore in the most efficient manner possible. Equipped with Siwertell’s totally-enclosed screw-type technology, ship unloaders deliver capacities from 200t/h to very high rates of more than 3,000t/h. With excellent through-ship performance and low environmental impact.

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stacker reclaimer bruks siwertell

Stacking & Reclaiming

Our stacker reclaiming systems can handle a wide range of materials from aggregates, coal and iron ore to grains, sulfur and wood products. Automated stacking and reclaiming delivers the greatest efficiencies, but manual pile stacking management is occasionally used for massive piles of coal at power plants. The biggest benefit of an automated stacking and reclaiming system is cost saving. Bruks stacker reclaimers are completely automated, requiring no operator or attendant.

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truck unloading bruks siwertell

Truck unloading

Bulk trucks are a flexible, efficient way to distribute the huge volumes of processed wood required by the bioenergy market and also by the pulp and particle board industries. Although many facilities that require large-scale wood chip deliveries rely on them being transported by rail, the majority turn to secure their supply via road-based truck deliveries. Bruks Siwertell offers two versions of truck dump equipment: a back-on and a drive-over type.

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waste bruks siwertell

Wood residue processing

Depending on the position of the machine in the wood-processing plant and the size of the material handled, Bruks Siwertell can design a hammer hog unit to fit. For level operations and processing longer timber, a horizontal-fed hammer hog, fitted with an optional in-feed spike roll, is an ideal choice. Sharing many of the same proven design characteristics as its horizontal-fed counterpart, the drop-fed hammer hog unit is available in a range of standard sizes.

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