Maximize wood pallet recycling efficiency with high-volume grinding systems

More countries and regional governments are enforcing laws requiring solid waste wood to be source reduced, recycled, or composted, and there are significantly rising costs and legislative hurdles associated with waste disposal. In addition to this, more companies, like Bruks Siwertell, are looking to achieve and enact zero waste policies. Addressing these sustainability and regulation needs requires a multi-disciplinary approach, placing industrial-scale recycling machinery in an ever more important position.

The global wood pallet industry is huge, with a market equating to tens of millions of USD, and addressing this sector’s end of life requirements is equally substantial. It is also where waste wood processing expertise and technology, including pallet grinders and pallet grinding systems, can significantly add efficiency and profitability to processing waste industrial packaging and scrap wood pallet recycling.

Pallet grinders meet zero waste goals and produce marketable fiber

Our waste pallet recycling solutions significantly reduce waste. They convert waste wood into a valuable, marketable wood fiber resource. The key to this process is effective wood pallet recycling machinery and expert industry input.

Our waste wood pallet recycling and industrial packaging processing technology includes WSM high-speed, high-volume pallet grinders, mid-speed shredders, and low-speed, lower-volume wood pallet grinding systems. WSM horizontal grinder systems deliver superior processing performance, from 1 to 150 metric tons per hour, while minimizing maintenance and horsepower requirements. Their horizontal feed design allows for easy handling of long and bulky piece size material. All can help facilities meet zero waste goals and turn an ever-increasing expense into marketable fiber.

Single machinery passes even for difficult scrap wood

With our wood pallet waste recycling technology, it is possible to deliver consistently high volumes of quality finished wood fiber product in a single machinery pass. Our pallet grinders and pallet grinding systems can process materials such as scrap pallets, deck boards, stringers, short blocks, trim ends, edgings, panel scrap, plywood, and other industrial packaging waste.

Nails and repair plates are no problem for WSM pallet grinders; an optional metal removal feature is highly effective and helps to maximize finished fiber value.

The abrasive nature of pallets and industrial packaging demands rugged, reliable equipment designed and built for these unique requirements. The WSM range of waste wood grinders are designed to meet all wood recycling needs. They are easy to operate and maintain, and are constructed with large, robust, high-quality components for long-term, reliable operation. From stand-alone low revs per minute (rpm) grinders to mid-speed shredders and extremely powerful WSM Titan horizontal grinding systems, we can match the right pallet grinder for your wood pallet recycling facility.

In addition to WSM horizontal grinders, our waste wood recycling systems include screening, conveying, and metal separation machinery. This complete, fully engineered processing system delivers a reliable low maintenance operation and the most rugged construction available.

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