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site name Bruks-Siwertell
site name Bruks-Siwertell

More Siwertell road-mobile unloaders set to work in the US

Siwertell road-mobile unloader
19 Feb 2024

Building-back America continues to place significant capacity demands on US cement importers, and with new carbon tariffs on the horizon, selecting a ship unloading system that protects the environment, and offers flexibility, is a wise choice.

100,000 hours of biomass unloading expertise

Siwertell ship unloader
5 Feb 2024

It may come as no surprise that fossil fuels continue their energy market dominance, accounting for around 80 percent of total primary energy supply, according to the World Bioenergy Association report, Global Bioenergy Statistics 2022. However, little by little, around 0.9 percent in fact over the previous year, renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, hydro, and biomass are encroaching on this domination.

50 years of innovation, set for a new era 

Siwertell ship unloader
10 Jan 2024

Siwertell technology has revolutionized the dry bulk handling industry, with unmatched capacity, environmental credentials and through-ship performance; Jonas Fack, President of Bruks Siwertell AB, explains how it is keeping its market-setting pace. For fifty years the Siwertell brand has been synonymous with the dry bulk handling market. Established in 1974 to develop continuous, efficient, enclosed ship unloading equipment, the Siwertell brand is now part of the Bruks Siwertell Group.

Group-wide waste reduction strategies reveal positive results

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18 Dec 2023

Bruks Siwertell Group has a target to bring the amount of waste generated in its global business units to zero by 2030. A round-up of current waste-reduction strategies from across its units shows progress. Going forward, continuing education programs for personnel, good collaborations with specialist waste contractors, and the establishment of KPIs so that progress is measurable and effective, are high on the agenda.

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Personnel training embeds Group-wide sustainability ambitions

woman presenting in front of screen
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11 Dec 2023

Sustainability is a prerequisite for long-term success and a continuous commitment to creating a better world. Bruks Siwertell hopes that, through personnel training programs, sustainability knowledge and inspiration become embedded in daily work, championing sustainable practices that meet the Group’s targets and extend beyond the organization to positively impact society and the planet.

Agri-bulks take center stage at Bulk Day Seminar in Colombia 

Bruks Siwertell Bulkday in Brazil
4 Dec 2023

Colombia, a country where agri-bulks including corn and wheat are among the top imports, is no exception. Experience from installations around the world has shown that these cargoes benefit considerably from Siwertell ship unloading and loading equipment.

Lean business approach benefits customers and personnel

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30 Nov 2023

A lean approach to business passes efficiency savings onto customers, ensures build consistency and quality, and creates a working environment that increases team productivity and boosts morale; Bruks Siwertell Group’s Bjuv, Sweden, business unit is working towards updating and improving 100 percent of its work processes, shortening lead times, and inspiring other units with best practice strategies.

ISO 14001 environmental management system implemented in Bäckefors

Iso 14001 certification stamp
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22 Nov 2023

Bäckefors, Sweden, has commenced its implementation of ISO 14001, as part of Bruks Siwertell Group’s 2030 target to update and improve 100 percent of work processes. This standard is designed to offer assurance for personnel, customers and stakeholders, that a company’s environmental impact is being effectively measured and improved.

Energy harvesting: cutting-edge technology enhances environmental credentials

Bruks Siwertell harvesting
15 Nov 2023

A tree is one of the most perfect examples of every element having a purpose, nothing needs to go to waste, even its dust. Trees also sequester carbon and can be viewed as renewable if sourced in the context of a well-managed, sustainable forest, making them an ideal candidate to plug the fossil-fuel gap.

Options to suit all operations

Siwertell ship unloader cabin
8 Nov 2023

All our large-scale Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders are designed and built to meet unique, site-specific operator requirements, and, much like being able to select features and upgrade options for a new car, there are many additional extras or choices available for our technology, right down to the color and thickness of final powder coatings.