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Weight: invisible, not insignificant

Siwertell ship unloader
15 Jan 2020

Jetty reinforcements to accommodate heavy bulk handling equipment can easily correspond to fifty percent of the cost of the actual equipment; a powerful argument as to why operators should consider lightweight machines.

Seasons' Greetings from Bruks Siwertell

Seasons greeting card from Bruks Siwertell
16 Dec 2019

We wish to send everyone our warmest season’s greetings; our customers, personnel, suppliers, global representatives, and other business partners alike. Can you guess which product is hiding inside each package?

Customer conference strengthens ties and showcases capabilities

Event Australia
11 Dec 2019

A recent contact point for customers in Australasia, was a two-day event held in Newcastle, Australia, at the end of October. Organized with Ammermann Pty Ltd, Bruks Siwertell’s agent in Australia.

YouTube brings dry bulk technology to life 

2 Dec 2019

The digitization of media has changed the way in which we are able to communicate and engage with audiences, providing unique glimpses into technology and its capabilities, and insight into global dry bulk operations.

Ensure your machinery doesn't gather dust

Bruks Siwertell Dust collector hopper
15 Nov 2019

One of the fastest, most efficient ways to distribute and discharge the huge volumes of processed wood chips required by the bioenergy market and pulp and particle board industries is via bulk trucks.

Categories: Environment

Transforming dry bulk transfers with no spillage, no dust and no waste

Movable Transfer trolley for Siwertell ship unloader
4 Nov 2019

Globally, we are learning that all raw material is a valuable, often finite, resource and unnecessary losses are becoming increasingly unacceptable, both from an environmental and operational perspective.

Categories: Bulk unloading

First-of-its-kind test facility compares new conveyor capabilities against other commercially available designs

Bruks Siwertell testfacility
18 Oct 2019

A test facility in Whitesburg, Georgia, USA, has been specially built to showcase the performance capabilities of Bruks Siwertell’s new air-supported belt conveyor, ‘The Belt Conveyor™ ’.

Making something valuable out of waste

Drax biomass
14 Oct 2019

Companies that have the capability of turning waste into something valuable not only profit from it, but are also more environmentally sustainable.

Archimedes’ Screw, Bruks Siwertell’s inheritance

2 Oct 2019

Just as Edison did not actually invent the lightbulb, Olle Siwersson and Gunnar Tell did not invent the vertical screw. But like Thomas Edison, and Archimedes before him, they took an already established concept, applied it for a new purpose, and refined it further.

Dedicated wood trade event showcases mobile chipper capabilities

Bruks Siwertell Wood chipper event
25 Sep 2019

Unlike many industry events, the annual Mittia wood transportation exhibition is predominantly held outside to allow for live demonstrations of wood processing and handling equipment.