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Inspections reveal opportunities for ongoing performance improvements

Bruks Siwertell overpile stacker reclaimer
21 Oct 2020

During regular inspections from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), surveyors often make relatively small adjustments to operational parameters that deliver significant performance benefits, and for many operators, unplanned downtime can be easily avoided.

Choose an unloader based on value, not cost

Siwertell ship unloader
9 Oct 2020

It is a false economy to select an unloader without considering operational parameters and performance, through-ship efficiencies, and through-life costs; value-for-money should always be the aim, Per Karlsson, President, Siwertell AB, Bruks Siwertell Group, explains.

Enclosed Siwertell unloader opens up new opportunities for US bulk terminal

Siwertell ship unloader
18 Sep 2020

Although designed with the specific purpose of handling sulfur, Keystone had witnessed the flexibility of Siwertell unloaders across the globe, and was confident that it could bring the machine into use for cement, synthetic gypsum, and agromax.

Planned service stops keep Brazil’s grain unloaders in their prime

Siwertell ship unloader in Brazil
7 Sep 2020

Brazil has vast agricultural reserves and is a world-leader in food production. Technological advances coupled with its natural resources means that Brazil is a strong competitor with the US as the world’s largest soybean and corn producer and exporter.

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Air-cushion conveyors deliver competitive edge to new Canadian pellet plant

Bruks Siwertell air-cushion conveying
17 Aug 2020

A new Bruks Siwertell installation at the Port of Saguenay, Canada, featuring innovative air-cushion conveying, is helping forestry industry operator Barrette-Chapais improve sustainability on both a local and global scale. Climate change and a growing urgency to protect the environment also comes with the responsibility to reduce waste and make the best possible use of existing resources.

Cutting-edge biofuel demonstrator plant depends on proven wood-processing technology

Signing agreement between Bruks Siwertell and Silva Green Fuel
12 Aug 2020

Due to launch in autumn 2021, the Silva Green Fuel plant will serve as a demonstrator for the latest technologies in second-generation biofuel production, and its owners have turned to Bruks Siwertell to supply the wood-processing and handling equipment for the plant.

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Rapid delivery schedule keeps long-term customer competitive

Bruks Siwertell shiploader
24 Jul 2020

Bruks Siwertell has a huge collective experience of handling sulfur from contracts around the world. In addition to loaders, such as the one delivered to Martin Operating Partnership, the company offers high-capacity Siwertell unloaders.

Operator training unlocks unloader potential from day one

Siwertell ship unloader cabin
13 Jul 2020

Good training delivers three crucial elements for any operator: improved safety levels, higher efficiencies and cost savings. This powerful trio drives Bruks Siwertell to ensure that, prior to or once a ship unloader has been delivered, operator training becomes a key area of focus.

Booming e-commerce demands optimized wood-processing supply chains 

Drax biomass
19 Jun 2020

Many sectors are in the doldrums due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but for those companies managing to keep their doors open, the e-commerce market is booming, thanks to those forced

Perfect to powder: why you need the right technology to handle grain

Bruks Siwertell grain handling
10 Jun 2020

Grain shipments require something special; their handling needs are like no other type of dry bulk material. The arrival of grain into ports is often dependent on harvests, volumes are