Automated bale processing systems deliver process ready feedstock

WSM bale processing systems deliver the high-capacity production of process-ready feedstocks required by numerous industries and their conversion technologies. As part of our integrated bale handling and bale processing systems, we offer modules available to inspect and reject bales to protect downstream equipment and livestock, while reducing maintenance and power consumption requirements, helping operators maximize efficiencies.

Raw materials to ready feedstocks

Bales were developed as a compact, uniform and versatile method to move and store agricultural residues and biomass fibers. However, to reintroduce their material into use, bale processing and bale handling systems are often required to maximize yields and the efficiency of feedstock delivery.

Bales provide the raw materials for a number of different industries, including the biofuel, bioenergy, and biomass sectors and animal feed operations. Every facility is unique and our bale processing systems can be tailored to suit each location, with capacities designed to meet the demands of small to large-scale feed and biopower industries.

Our integrated bale handling and bale processing systems are automated. This delivers high degrees of efficiency and uniformity in the end product, and reduces both operational and maintenance costs.

As a single-line system, our high-volume bale processing technology can accommodate between 40 and 60 bales per hour. Multiple lines can be installed to meet the requirements of large-scale operators that need high-volume bale processing. A flexible design offers a significant advantage, ensuring that the best configuration provides the right solution for any plant.

Five-stage bale processing delivers optimum results

Our bale processing technology comprises five integrated modules. The bale handling process starts with bulk bale receiving, singulation, and an inspection and rejection unit. This may seem relatively simple, but it prepares the bale for optimum processing and is pivotal in dictating downstream efficiency.

For example, singulation is an essential component of many manufacturing processes as it sorts and organizes materials. In bale processing, it effectively creates a neat line of bales ready for processing by the next unit, which is an automatic bale destringer. Our destringing unit has been uniquely designed to automatically remove the string and twine that essentially keeps a bale tightly compact. The automated and mechanised removal of string in bale processing systems can be a challenge, which is why we have developed our own proven solution.

bale processing

Once the bale is free from ties, it enters the bale chopping module for primary size reduction, from this unit, bale material is screened and cleaned. This removes, debris, fines and dirt, which is essential, particularly for animal feed, as it can enhance the quality of the feed for livestock by removing dust, and reducing levels of mold and microbial action.

The final element of the bale processing system is shredding and milling the material for final fiber preparation. This ensures that the end user maximizes the yield from each and every bale handled and processed.

Our efficient, five-stage automated bale processing technology includes:

  • bulk bale receiving, singulation and inspection/rejection
  • automatic bale destringer
  • bale chopper for primary size reduction
  • screening and cleaning for dirt removal
  • shredding and milling for final fiber preparation

What's in your bale?

Whatever baled material your plant needs to process, we can design and deliver the solution. Example of materials that our bale handling systems process include:

  • Alfalfa
  • Arundo donax 
  • Corn stover
  • Bagasse
  • Energy crops
  • Flax
  • Giant king grass
  • Grass straw
  • Hemp
  • Miscanthus
  • Sorghum
  • Soy stover
  • Switchgrass
  • Wheat straw

Our bale processing technology is based on decades of experience. All our technology is designed for reliable, long and effective service lives, and is backed-up by our commitment to service support. We have the experience and technological capabilities to ensure that the bale processing system that you need, can become a reality.

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