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Unique biomass handling capabilities

Bruks Siwertell is the market leader in the biomass sector because of its unique ability to handle biomass safely in a totally-enclosed system. Our Siwertell ship unloaders can handle both coal and biomass using the same machine, without any adjustment; an important attribute in today’s energy market as many coal-fired power plants transition to biomass.

Siwertell biomass ship loaders and conveying systems also benefit from our long experience of hazardous cargo handling.

Environmental regulations in terminals drive biomass boom

The increasing trade in biomass results from coal-fired power plants burning biomass to achieve carbon-neutral operations complying with environmental protection regulations. Many plants are adapting to burn both fuels. Separate power-generation systems can be found on the same site: one burning coal, one burning biomass. In others, a single system burns either coal or biomass, or both at the same time, known as co-firing. In all cases these plants benefit from the flexibility of Siwertell unloaders as they can handle both commodities in one machine, without adjustment.

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Flexibility, capacity and safety requirements

Biomass producers and consumers are often on different continents, requiring efficient marine transportation and bulk handling. Biomass in bulk has a lower calorific value than the same volume of coal, so high-capacity handling systems are needed.

Biomass has the potential for fire and explosion, especially when contained. Bulk handling systems must be able to mitigate these risks. Siwertell systems benefit from decades of sulfur-handling experience. This has been used to develop safety systems for biomass handling, meeting CE conformity regulations and the latest ATEX directive relating to the control of explosive atmospheres. Consequently, Siwertell offers the only totally-enclosed ship unloaders that can safely be used for large-scale biomass handling.

Minimal cargo degradation keeps dust creation low and reduces fire and explosion risks.

Siwertell multiple materials ship unloader unloading a ship with wood pellets

Siwertell bulk handling systems offer broader benefits

An unloader that can handle coal and biomass efficiently reduces investment costs and provides the flexibility needed for changing market conditions. High through-ship unloading capacity means that jetty occupancy is minimized, while annual intake is maximized. Siwertell ship unloaders for biomass and other bulk materials have small structural footprints and weigh less than alternative systems with comparable capacities. This results in reduced jetty construction or conversion costs.

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