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Be part of our team: we all play an important role

Bruks Siwertell is a global, market-leading company that designs, manufactures, installs and services dry bulk handling and processing solutions. Our main offices are located in Sweden (Bjuv and Arbrå), US (Atlanta), and Germany (Hirtscheid). We cooperate with a an extensive global network of business partners around the world.

Dry bulk cargo is essential

Vast quantities of dry bulk cargo such as coal, bio-pellets, wood chips, alumina, cement, sulfur, grain and fertilizers are needed for power-generation, construction industries, industrial processes and food production, and the materials are transported on barges or bulk carriers. Time spent in port is time that these vessels are not earning, so cargo needs to be loaded and unloaded quickly, at rates of up to several thousand metric tons per hour.

Efficiency and reliability are crucial to success

We design and make equipment for these loading and unloading operations as well as conveyors to transport bulk material to and from storage areas in port. The efficiency and reliability of our heavy machinery are crucial to the success of our bulk handling customers’ operations. We also design equipment for processing and handling bulk materials directly in their processing factories. 

We value team spirit

Join us and become part of our international team, where each one of us has an important role to play. We encourage our employees to learn about our market-leading equipment and its position in the bulk business, so they can develop career paths based on training, experience and personal skills. One of our core values is: we do it together. We value team spirit as well as an innovative, customer-oriented approach to work and we work closely with our customers and partners, across many languages, cultures and professional borders.

Below, some of our employees express how they find their working journey with Bruks Siwertell. 


Every visit to our customers around the world is an adventure

Jörgen Sjunnesson, Field Surveyor Engineer 

A key part of my role is helping customers identify the best time to replace wear parts, for example, for the screw conveyor. This is one of the most critical aspects of our machines, and is fundamental in our Siwertell screw-type ship unloaders.

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Anna Milles

I believe that aftersales and the aftermarket is as important as the initial delivery.

I work in service, and good service support is essential to successful businesses. I believe that aftersales and the aftermarket is as important as the initial delivery. We do everything that we can to ensure spares and wear parts are available and can be delivered quickly when needed. Commitment to our customers does not end when we sign a new deal, it is a life-long partnership, and our department is an important part of this.

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Day in, day out it is a privilege to work with so many great colleagues, sharing an interest in doing a great job.

Mats Lindberg, Key Account Manager

Meeting customers ‘in their own backyards’ and learning from their experiences has also been an enlightening part of my role and is an important aspect of understanding an operation. It is wonderful to get to know many different cultures as well.


Research and development mean that Bruks Siwertell can make technological leaps in a relatively short space of time

Alicia Fonseca da Silva, Mechanical Engineer

The appeal with Bruks Siwertell is that this company allows professional development for anyone who is interested in a career in the technology of complex projects.

“I love being an engineer"

Rafael Escamilla, Sales Engineer Intern

There can be no substitute for experience, but amassing expert industry knowledge is no use if it cannot be passed on to new people; Rafael Escamilla, Sales Engineer Intern, reflects on what Bruks Siwertell can offer its newest hires


Siwertell employee

“We always make it work by thinking the logistics through”

Jonas Edvinsson, Warehouse Manager:

"Siwertell gives me and my group a high degree of responsibility in planning our activities in the warehouse. Operating with limited space and large components can be tricky, but we always make it work. We understand our business and know how important our efforts are to the overall success of the company. And we know that we are appreciated."

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"I work all over the world, meeting a huge variety of people

Ola Jeppsson, Sales Manager:

I work with terminal owners, purchasing organizations, importers and exporters. I value my working relationships with Siwertell representatives in many countries and of course my colleagues in Sweden. If I had to choose one element that appeals most to me about Siwertell then I guess I would have to pick the international touch of the company."

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Quality assurance at the heart of operations

Victor Lunderg, Warehouse Operator and Quality Control

I think that it is evident from all the people that you speak to within Siwertell that they are incredibly proud of Siwertell as a company and of the products that it offers the dry bulk handling industry.