Ted Owenby - Site Coordinator

Based in Alpharetta, USA, Ted Owenby works with almost all Bruks Siwertell products; with early career experiences as a welder, and 13 years in the position, he likes being part of a team, his decisions being trusted, and always looks forward to the next job
What is really great about my role, is how happy our customers are, and the amount of positive feedback that I receive when I go back and visit them a few months after installation. I get to work with pretty much all products in the Bruks Siwertell portfolio, from ship loaders to idler and air-supported conveyors, truck dumps and stacker reclaimers, and most recently Siwertell screw-type ship unloaders and conveyor systems.

This wide range of equipment is always developing and advancing, such as with The Belt ConveyorTM which uses air-cushion technology and the blending bed style of stacker reclaimer.

Experience helps on site

In terms of my responsibilities, depending on the situation, I may work with a team of contractors to complete the installation of an entire woodyard of Bruks equipment, or when I am between these large projects, I will be visiting fabricator workshops to ensure the quality of our equipment, or helping out our aftersales and service division with customer upgrades.

I meet all levels of people in my work and before I am finished on a project, it is not unusual for me to be on a first-name basis with everyone from the mill manager to each contractor on site, and many people at local supply stores in the area.

To do the job well, you need a good understanding of heavy construction and the ability to work with all types of people. Ironworkers, welders, pipefitters, riggers, and crane operators, for example. These are tough people, doing a demanding job. You have to know when it is appropriate to push for more, or whether a simple thing like a pat on the back and telling them you appreciate what they are doing, will get the same results. I guess it helps that I was one of these guys; an ironworker and a welder for several years.

A job well done

The thrill in my job is finishing, and not because the project is done, but because I love to look back and know that, despite the challenges, we achieved it. I remember riding in the truck with my wife, as she wanted to see the finished installation of three ship loaders in Louisiana, and as we rounded the curve and they came into sight, all she could say was “wow”. 

I appreciate that Bruks Siwertell trusts me to make decisions on the fly, and after 13 years, I still look forward to the next job. I know that we, as a company, have grown, and are still growing, filling positions with the right people. 

Looking for new hires is a sign of growth, because once you are part of the family, almost no one ever leaves. I have had several opportunities to move up in the company, but I always choose to keep doing what I was hired to do, because it makes me happy.