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Bruks truck unloader

Truck unloading

Unique truck unloading portfolio delivers high-performance throughput

Bulk trucks are a flexible, efficient way to distribute the huge volumes of processed wood required by the bioenergy market and also by the pulp and particle board industries.

Although many facilities that require large-scale materials deliveries rely on them being transported by rail, the majority turn to secure their supply via road-based truck deliveries.

Bruks Siwertell has developed a unique truck unloading portfolio that focuses on the fastest, most efficient way to discharge both end-dumping and self-unloading trucks, so that onward processing is as effective as possible.

Bruks Driveover truck dumper

End-dumping trucks raised with ease

The majority of trucks in North America are end-dumping, requiring unique machinery to raise the truck and load so that material free-falls from the end of the trailer. Bruks Siwertell offers two versions of truck dump equipment: a back-on and a drive-over type.

Both the back-on and a drive-over truck dump systems offer excellent cycle times, supporting operations where a receiving facility can process hundreds of trucks a day. They are also well paired with our Bruks receiving hopper.

Bruks hopper self-unloading trucks

Self-unloading trucks supported by specialized hoppers

Whatever the truck type, we have system to support it; including self-unloading. These are more widely used in Europe and come in a variety of forms. Versions tip material out from the side and some use ‘walking floors’ to effectively push material out of the back of the trailer.

Worldwide, self-unloading trucks benefit from our range of Bruks receiving hoppers, including in-ground versions and variations of these, which are perfectly matched to suit the high efficiency profile of this truck type.