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Drive over truck dump

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Drive-over design maximizes daily truck dumper processing

Our truck dump product line provides customers with the most efficient, reliable, high-capacity truck unloading capabilities available on the market. The Bruks truck dump reduces unload cycle times and alleviates traffic congestion in almost all wood-processing operations.

The majority of equipment used to unload wood chip trailers is slow and takes up valuable space, posing a significant challenge for many logistics companies. Our drive-over truck dumper addresses this problem with a novel, compact design that ensures trucks can be safely unloaded in record time.

Proven in performance over decades and with numerous installations worldwide, Bruks’ truck dumper designs require very little operator interface to ensure their safe, efficient operation. They can handle truck and trailer lengths up to about 26m (85ft) and carry a load of up to around 63.5 metric tons (180,000lbs). As with our entire truck dumper range, platforms can be custom-designed to handle a variety of truck lengths and weights.

Drive-over truck dumpers increase operational efficiency

A driver enters the dumper driving forward, crossing a pit bridge and straight onto the tipping platform, stopping slightly forward of the backstop area. The backstop swings into position, and the driver backs up a short distance until the bumper touches the backstop. The cab is then shut-off and the front safety chain is fastened. The trailer’s back doors are then opened and the driver moves to the control box, positioned off the main platform, and holds the ‘up’ button.

The pit bridge rises out of the way, exposing the entrance to the receiving hopper, the tipping platform begins to rise, and the load falls into the hopper. Once the trailer is empty the driver pushes the ‘down’ button, and the platform lowers. The back doors of the trailer can then be closed, the chains released and the truck driven off the platform.

Bruks driveover truck dumper

The typical time between trucks is eight to nine minutes, making this process slightly faster than a back-on approach as trucks and trailers do not need to be reversed into place. This saves time and reduces traffic congestion, maximizing the processing capability of the truck dumper, resulting in more trucks being processed daily.

The platform rises to a maximum angle of 63 degrees, releasing the bulk material into the hopper. The full lift and lower cycle for an over-truck dumper is completed in approximately four minutes.

25 years of full-time operation as standard

Truck dump tipping platforms have been designed to reliably perform under very high-use conditions. They deliver long-term cost-effective operation through an expected service life of two million tipping and lowering cycles, exceeding 25 years of full-time operation. 

Paired for perfection with a receiving hopper

The drive-over truck dump comes with a specially designed receiving hopper, ensuring a seamless technology interface. Together they combine to deliver the most efficient, optimized, safe wood chip unloading process. Typically, the chain bottom hopper discharges the load onto a receiving belt conveyor, which carries the material to the next processing step.

As the hopper is entirely below the pit bridge and platform, effectively underground in a sealed concrete bunker, it is covered on all sides and contained. This protects the environment from dust emissions and minimizes any material losses. Additional air collection can be added around the tipping area, if needed.