Add sustainability to urban development with c&d recycling solutions

Our c&d recycling solutions deliver real results

Ever-tighter guidelines and regulations around reducing the waste material destined for landfill, zero-waste ambitions and the global urgency of climate change, requires industries to rethink their waste strategies.

A key approach is increasing the reclamation of wood and green waste and other recyclables, from for example, the construction and demolition (C&D) sector, and processing them for use within other industries. This places new demands on C&D recycling and the green waste recycling industry.

We understand that one of the challenges can be setting up a reliable, environmentally responsible C&D recycling plant, while helping to ensure a profitable, sustainable operation. Unpredictable volumes of incoming material, and its huge range in size and composition, including contaminants and tramp metal, requires the C&D processing facility to have incredibly durable, reliable urban and green waste recycling and wood processing equipment designed to meet these challenges.

The nature of the C&D recycling and green waste recycling businesses means that C&D processing facilities need to be able to handle green waste wood, C&D residuals, and land clearing debris. Urban wood recycling material sources could also include railroad ties, green waste, mixed commercial waste, urban wood waste, and food waste.

Bruks Siwertell is able to serve every aspect of C&D recycling, starting with an understanding of the type of urban waste wood and green waste recycling requirements, including intake volumes and production capacities, along with considering potential future needs and waste wood materials. This information dictates the size and scope of the green waste recycling equipment needed by the C&D processing facility; tailoring these, delivers the best results.

Matching c&d recycling machinery to processing needs

We offer market-leading C&D recycling solutions that perform in the most demanding C&D processing facilities, including WSM grinding and milling machinery, which have a global reputation for maximizing the fiber value from reclaiming and recycling urban and green wood waste.

Listening to the unique challenges of the industry including potentially serious damage from large uncrushables like excavator track pins, a WSM-developed hammer system can help prevent rotor damage and an optional infeed chute attachment for vertical grinders can capture large pieces of tramp metal.

Our WSM machinery can improve C&D and green waste recycling operations by minimizing any machinery downtime and maximizing productivity. We are able to process large amounts of materials including C&D wood, urban wood, pallets and pallet scrap with proven grinding, shredding, and screening equipment and green waste recycling processing systems.

Core C&D recycling equipment includes WSM horizontal grinders, vertical grinders, shredders including the extremely large super shredder, hammermills, disc-scalping screens, oscillating screens, trommel screens, vibrating screens and conveyors, and chain metering bins and bulk feeders.

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