Maximize the value in mulch: consistent fiber production with robust, reliable mulching equipment

Mulching is an important process where wood and agricultural waste can be shredded and broken down into fibers, which can then be applied as a mulch on land, improving soil quality and water retention. Finished fibers can also be used in other applications and industries, including the renewable energy sector, pulp and paper, and packaging plants, engineered board manufacture and composting.

Industrial mulching equipment and waste wood processing machinery can transform even the hardest to access fibers into a valuable raw material resource for these industries.

Transforming multiple mulch feedstocks

Mulching and mulch making equipment, and wood waste processing machinery need to handle a diverse range of feedstocks from bark, which can be stringy and difficult to process, wood chips, grass clippings, wood debris, yard debris, mulch, sawdust, coir, and peat moss. Through heavy-duty shredding and mulch grinding processes, they transform diverse feedstocks into uniform fiber, ready for onward use.

Our industrial mulching equipment, including mulch grinders and wood waste processing technology has a global reputation for quality, consistent, fiber production. We understand that industries require mulching equipment designed to process specific incoming raw materials and produce a finished product that meets specifications.

Lowering maintenance costs and maximizing equipment availability plays a vital role in increasing productivity and profitability. We focus on ensuring that our mulching equipment delivers the lowest processing costs per ton of material handled, including savings associated with reduced handling, labor, and energy requirements.

Industry expertise coupled with complete solutions

We not only offer industry experience, but can deliver a complete line of WSM mulch and bark screeners, mulch grinders, bark grinders, peat moss bale breakers and fluffers, coir breakers and complete bark processing systems. Mulching equipment can not only deconstruct compressed peat moss bales and coir blocks, but also automatically hydrate fibers where necessary and increase fiber recovery.

Our mulch screening options can maximize fiber value through removing plastic contaminants from the soil for compost and ensure size consistency. From low volume producers to the highest capacity requirements, WSM mulching equipment and waste wood processing machinery can be specified as standalone equipment or delivered as part of a fully integrated system.
For example, the revolutionary WSM stationary electric high-capacity mulch processing system, including a chain metering bin, is fully integrated, delivering fast and efficient fiber production. A Titan trommel screen or mulch thickness screen, separate acceptably sized mulch from overs, and feedstocks can be processed with Titan horizontal or vertical grinders. System integration, project management, and start-up assistance is available.