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site name Bruks-Siwertell
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Screening solutions: machines that boost yields and minimize losses

Screening and screening machines are a vital component in bulk material handling and wood processing. Screening equipment ensures a consistent size and quality in end products and removes fines and other unwanted pieces from the wood chip supply chain, making onward processing more efficient.


Bruks Siwertell offers a number of screening options depending on processing needs. By ensuring that oversized pieces are separated from a load, or during the process of manufacture, our screening systems can eliminate material handling problems and any unnecessary downstream damage or inefficiency to wood-processing equipment or other machinery.

Our effective screening equipment maximizes a wood-processing plant’s yield by minimizing losses and optimizing production efficiency. This includes our widely used vibratory screening equipment.


Vibratory screening machines actively sort wood particles as they are conveyed onto a vibrating deck. This has a mesh base with pre-determined screen perforations. As this base vibrates, wood particles fall through the perforations. They are either the desired end product, or are the unwanted wood fractions that can be used for other purposes. 

For example, sawdust can easily be sifted from other wood products, like wood chips, and can then be collected for use in the production of compressed biomass wood pellets for the renewable energy market. The speed at which overs, both over-thick or over-sized fractions, can be separated from fines, such as sawdust, is critical in dictating the overall efficiency of production. 

In wood-processing facilities, overs can be fed back into a rechipper, for example, until the desired wood fraction size or thickness is achieved. Our screening machinery often acts as a ‘pre-sorting’ process to speed up and efficiently remove sawdust from wood fractions.  

Screening machinery is an essential element in ensuring that every part of a tree can be effectively used, with screening equipment associated with almost every stage of processing until the final product is achieved or manufactured.

An effective screening machine ensures that unwanted particles are separated quickly, and with minimal interference with the throughput of the rest of the feedstock. This time-saving effect is compounded where larger fragments must be recirculated several times, adding cumulative efficiency to mill processes.


In dry bulk processing, screening is equally important, again separating unwanted powdery fines from cargoes such as aggregates. These screening systems also have to offer heavy-duty, robust meshes and perforated screens, able to withstand the highly abrasive properties of some dry bulks.

Our vibratory screening equipment and screening machinery has been designed to be extremely cost effective, require minimal maintenance and rapidly speed up the classification and sorting processes, which are essential elements in wood-processing plants and dry bulk material handling.


Minimal maintenance and maximum equipment availability are delivered through robust, quality components, and the fact that a screening machine, such as vibratory screening equipment, is not exposed to significant forces. This means minimal wear and tear, low operating costs and decades of reliable service.

Bruks Siwertell’s screening solutions can be supplied as standalone units or, for larger processing facilities, can be supplied as integral parts of the manufacturing machinery.