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Disc screens

disc screens

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Effective first-line coarse screening secured with disc screens

One of the primary functions of a disc screen is to sort the largest over-sized fractions from a load, making disc screening systems often the first line screens for many facilities. Disc screens are frequently used for the effective screening of bark, biomass feedstock, construction and demolition waste wood debris, compost, biomass fuel, mulch, plastics, refuse derived fuel (RDF), sawdust and shavings, shredded tires, slab wood, urban wood and wood chips.

The WSM disc screen has a global reputation for screening efficiency and cost-effective high-volume, coarse screening. From biomass fuel to wood chips, WSM disc screens units deliver field-proven performance and reliable, low-maintenance operation in the most demanding conditions to provide superior screening technology.

A disc screen increases the processing throughput of plants and reduces grinder maintenance by removing overs, chunks, splinters, and debris. Our course screening equipment has large diameter shaft assemblies, which contribute to a long operating life.

WSM disc screens operate by accepting material from an infeed device, and as material slides down the chute, smaller material and fines fall through the disc openings. Larger-sized fractions or overs are transported to the end of the screen. These can be discharged into a grinder, hog, hammermill, no-knife re-sizer, or reject conveyor.

WSM disc screens can be delivered with capacities up to 600t/h. They have a low speed, smooth operation, which removes the need for special support structures or foundations. A WSM disc screen can be configured to meet a range of screening requirements, including various disc profiles for screening efficiency and to tailor screening capabilities for a specific application. Orientation rolls provide tight disc spacing on initial rotors to transition infeed material onto the main screen area.

Disc screens features that rise above the rest

Jams and blockages are a frequent challenge with disc screening systems. An agitation action on the discs improves the screening efficiency of WSM disc screens. Furthermore, our disc screens are fitted with an anti-jam mechanism, which detects any blockage through current-sensing on the drive motor and provides controls to reverse the disc motion and clear the jam automatically. A motion switch detects any motions and zero speed conditions. Also, our disc screens can be fitted with a WSM Waterfallâ„¢ arrangement to help agitate and turn material, further increasing screening efficiency.

When dust emissions have to be kept to a minimum, disc screens can be delivered with top covers, which encloses the screen and enhances safety. All our disc screens are built and designed with durability in mind. In terms of maintenance, modular side sheets allow for quick and easy maintenance access, along with a central lubrication station.

We offer a unique WSM mulch thickness screen, which is ideal for high-volume mulch screening. It delivers a consistently sized finished mulch by rejecting over-thick and chunky materials from the mulch product as a result of the tight spacing between the discs.

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