Boge Sisevski - Technical Tender Engineer

The role of a tender engineer is to interpret customers’ needs and requests, and initiate the first steps on the road to transforming these into a reality; Boge Sisevski has worked in this role for a decade, offering engineering support to the team in Bjuv, Sweden 

I am part of a team which produces technical documentation, layout drawings and specifications for Bruks Siwertell customers, as part of the tendering process. Interacting with salespeople and colleagues who work with technology is a daily norm.

What keeps me motivated is the constant influx of new requests and challenges. I work closely with customers to understand their needs and translate them into clear, comprehensive documentation. It is a thrill to work with new requests and solve the various problems each new case presents. It is like solving a puzzle that evolves each day, adapting to industry standards and customized solutions. 

I am also interested in longevity. It is not enough to design a system for today, because it will need to be in place for decades, hopefully. This means that part of my job is to envision what will be required in the future as well.

Boge Sisevski

A daily puzzle

Bruks Siwertell has such a wide variety of products that there is a solution waiting to be found for every application in dry bulk handling, that is my job. The diversity of products and global installations is a key appeal of working here. 

You can see this variation by looking at the systems we have installed around the world. Even though our loaders and unloaders are instantly recognizable in the field, you will find each one is slightly different, engaging and working in concert with the accompanying equipment in slightly different ways. I love to see our equipment in action.

Growing prospects

There are all types of jobs available at Bruks Siwertell, and never have there been more options in terms of location as well. We have a number of engineers who have spent their whole careers with us, though not necessarily staying in one place or even geographic location. We are involved in projects worldwide, from unloaders and loaders to full-scale terminals, shaping efficient cargo flows on an international scale.

In a nutshell, my journey at Bruks Siwertell is exciting. I work with a diverse team, face daily challenges, and contribute to global dry bulk material trades. The environment at the company is excellent, and the possibilities are many. The variety of products, global reach, and career opportunities make this a place to thrive and have a lasting impact.