Maria Johansson - Administrator Accounts Payable

Having first joined the company in 1997, Maria Johansson has seen a lot of changes over the past twenty-five years; enjoying her job every day, she uses her sharp mind to manage many administrative tasks in the busy finance department

For the best part of twenty years, I have worked for the company as an administrator in the finance department in Bjuv, Sweden. I started in 1997, had a career break between 1998 and 2005, and have been here ever since. Although my job does not mean that I travel all over the world, I do metaphorically; we are an international company with worldwide customers and colleagues. 


Girl with glasses

Connecting the company

I am like a spider in the center of a web, connecting the company to our suppliers and doing my best to make sure that all invoices that enter our system are booked and certified, and get paid on time. I also manage our bank account. This is a position of honor and trust, and one that I take incredibly seriously.

With so many elements to consider all at once, it is important to have a sharp, methodical mind, which has the ability to hold all these different administrative pathways together. I believe that my role is an essential one; the flow of finances and the competent management of them keeps everything running like clockwork. It is with great satisfaction that I carry out my job. I love my work and find enjoyment in pretty much all aspects of it.

There are so many career-progression opportunities within Bruks Siwertell. We are supported to pursue roles that really appeal to us, and if you want, you can always apply for new positions within the company when they become available.

Wonderful colleagues

I feel incredibly lucky to have the role that I have at Bruks Siwertell and feel enormously proud of the company as a whole. I have many wonderful colleagues and really feel that we are taken care of in the best way possible.

I live in a small fishing village on the Kulla Peninsula, and when not at work I enjoy time with my friends and family, including four wonderful grandchildren. I put my analytical mind to the test every Monday when, for years, myself and four close friends play each other at cards.