From Bruks Siwertell’s Americas office, in Alpharetta, Georgia, Anna Miles enjoys solving everyday challenges as part of a team, working at an international level and getting to know numerous customers and many different types of heavy machinery

Our base in Alpharetta is a busy hub, serving local, national and international industries. This means that I can often leave my desk behind and go to meet many of our wonderful customers. These might include purchasing and operations managers, plant operators and many more.

I work in service, and good service support is essential to successful businesses. I believe that aftersales and the aftermarket is as important as the initial delivery. We do everything that we can to ensure spares and wear parts are available and can be delivered quickly when needed. Commitment to our customers does not end when we sign a new deal, it is a life-long partnership, and our department is an important part of this. 

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Parts for all the portfolio

Because I work in the spare parts team, I get to work with all the machinery for all our products. Traditionally, this included Bruks machinery, but this has expanded to Siwertell equipment as well. Our parts activities cover a range of products including Bruks stackers and reclaimers, conveyors, such as air-supported systems like TubulatorsTM and The Belt ConveyorTM, right through to ship unloaders, loaders and our extensive wood-processing portfolio including chippers, butt-flare reducers and truck dumps.

Knowing individual parts of equipment means that you have to understand how they work together. It is a great way to get to know the engineering capabilities of our equipment and how it is used in the field. 

Dedication is paramount 

I have a diverse and interesting job, and take great pride in the service that we offer to customers. The spare parts that we sell, and the service that we provide, ensures that our equipment operates at its design capacities, so that it delivers safe, optimal performance. 

If I think about what you need to do my job, I would say that dedication to customer service is paramount. You also need good organizational skills, and the ability to multi-task and ‘think on your feet’. The most appealing part of my job is working together as a team to solve the challenges that we face every day.