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Jonas Edvinsson - Warehouse Manager

My name is Jonas Edvinsson and I am the Foreman for Receiving & Storage. My work involves dealing with all the components and products that we handle in our warehouse. It could be anything from small screws to large steel structures and engines.

Goods in, goods out and a lot more besides 

Put very simply, my group is responsible for receiving goods from manufacturers and suppliers and sending goods to customers or assembly sites; but there is a lot more to it than that. In the first place, we must make sure that what we receive is exactly what we ordered and that the deliveries are quality assured. 

We enter all inwards and outwards movements of goods into our stock-control system so that we always know what we have and where to find it, what we are expecting and where we have sent goods. Basically, we make sure that we receive the right goods and that we send the right goods for safe delivery to our customers.

Some of the components are heavy and they can be oddly shaped. We use our experience to construct special cradles and boxes for these items before we send them out to make sure that they arrive undamaged. When we have to prepare deliveries for large projects, it is a lot about packing containers very efficiently. 

We meet truck drivers from all over Europe and beyond when they come to deliver or pick up goods. Of course we also cooperate a good deal with our colleagues from around the company who visit us regularly; people like our forwarders and order-coordinators, for example.

Versatility and technical understanding

Our job varies a lot and we need to be versatile; we must be able to drive trucks, deal with our IT system and construct cradles and other packing materials. We need to have a certain degree of technical understanding of the goods we handle to be confident that what we have received, or are going to send out, matches the technical drawings.

Our warehouse is not massive, so it is both challenging and satisfying to keep all the different aspects of it working well, ensuring that our deliveries are sent on time and our customers get what they have ordered to keep their equipment running. It is important to do the jobs in the right order, as we work within limited space. Sometimes this can be tricky as the components we handle can be quite large. We always make it work, but we really need to think the logistics through.

Responsibility and job satisfaction

For anyone considering working at Siwertell, I’d say we are given a great deal of responsibility and autonomy and we are expected to plan our own work; naturally this is good for our job satisfaction. We work quite intensely from time to time, but the shifts are reasonable, colleagues are friendly and the work environment is good. And we have a genuine ability to influence the nature of our work and our workplace. 

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