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Ola Jeppsson - Sales Manager

I am Ola Jeppsson and I work as a Sales Manager for Siwertell unloaders, loaders and terminal equipment. I am familiar with all Siwertell products and I am particularly proud of their efficiency and low environmental impact. I think that these are two of their most appealing aspects.

I work all over the world

I work all over the world, meeting a huge variety of people. I work with terminal owners, purchasing organizations, importers and exporters. I value my working relationships with Siwertell representatives in many countries and of course my colleagues in Sweden. If I had to choose one element that appeals most to me about Siwertell then I guess I would have to pick the international touch of the company. You’ll find our customers and our machines all over the world. We go wherever we are needed.

Technical and commercial discussions

My work consists of giving presentations to potential customers about our products and explaining their capabilities, being part of technical and commercial discussions with customers and preparing quotation offers for them. Consequently, I need to have a good understanding of our machines’ technical capabilities so that I can confidently and accurately answer the many questions that arise. Nearly every project is different because all of our large systems are tailor-made for a customer’s particular needs. 

To do this job I think you need a positive attitude, an open mind and common sense. You also need good persuasive skills and quite a lot of persistence.

Project sales are a big thrill. The whole concept of project sales is a big thrill. You can work on a project for years but in the end there’s only one winner and there is no silver medal. Actually, I guess there can be two winners after all, because when a customer chooses Siwertell, it is certainly a winner too.

Career opportunities are good

I believe that career opportunities at Siwertell are good. Like me, many others working here have held different positions within the company. To any potential applicant for a Siwertell position, I would say welcome to a very international company with great products.

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