Dong Energy combined coal and wood pellet ship unloader

Dong Energy is Denmark’s leading power company and one of Northern Europe’s largest energy groups. In 2012, they ordered a Siwertell type ST 790-D ship unloader for unloading wood pellets and coal for their combined heat and power station at Avedøre, just south of Copenhagen,

The unloader was delivered and commissioned in 2013, discharging ships of up to 10,000 dwt at a rated capacity of 800t/h. It safely, quietly and efficiently unloads coal and wood pellets without the need for any adjustments. 

Strict regulations on ship unloader noise levels applied in the initial contract with Dong Energy. Siwertell has since commissioned a Swedish acoustics specialist to carry out noise mapping tests at a number of points around the Siwertell screw-type unloader. The results are extremely positive and demonstrate very low levels of noise.  

The Avedøre power station supplies around 200,000 households with heat and generates about 30 percent of the electricity consumed on Zealand, which is equivalent to an annual electricity consumption of around 1.3 million homes. This significant local responsibility and their inexperience operating a Siwertell unloader previously were key reasons as to why Dong Energy entered into a Siwertell CARE agreement. It safeguards the company's investment and the supply of fuel to the multi-fuel power station. As part of the Siwertell CARE agreement, Dong Energy has access to a 24-hour support hotline. 

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