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site name Bruks-Siwertell
site name Bruks-Siwertell

Ship unloader - United Kingdom

Blue Siwertell Ship unloader in operation

High capacity grain unloading in the UK

Peel Ports Group’s Seaforth grain terminal in Liverpool placed this order of a multi-grain Siwertell ship unloader with an exceptionally high capacity of 1,800t/h, in order to increas its cargo intake


The decision by Peel Ports Group to place an order for the design, manufacture, delivery to site and installation of a Siwertell ship unloader, followed very careful evaluation by the client of various types of dry bulk ship unloaders.

The main reason for selecting Siwertell as a supplier was its exceptionally high through-the-ship capacity, energy consumption per unloaded ton, and the guarantee of the lifetime of conveyor parts. Other special features are the enclosed conveying system which result in no dust or spillage, and a low machine weight that leads to no costs for the jetty modifications. 

Siwertell has the experience in manufacturing multi-grain ship unloaders which are also capable of handling compacted products with their standard machine.

The delivery to the Seaforth grain terminal includes the following equip-ment and features:

  • A modified hydraulic and lubrication system operating only on food grade oils and grease
  • A control and supervising system (SIMON), developed by Siwertell as part of a large network system with access from abroad
  • An anti-collision system preventing the operator from manoeuvring the ship unloader into a position where collision with the hatch coaming is at risk   
  • A 25t auxiliary hoist for handling large payloaders

This Siwertell ship unloader was manufactured in Sweden and pre-assembled in major pieces before delivery to Liverpool. On arrival it was easily and quickly brought together and commissioned onto the existing jetty rails on the jetty.

For more information, please contact us

Sales Manager, Europe

David Ingvarsson

+46 795858724

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Peel Ports Group

Additional facts

Unloader model

Siwertell ST 790-D, rail-mounted

Grain unl. cap.


Soy beans unl. cap.


Maximum ship size

75,000 dwt or maximum beam 33m

Total weight


53.461075433758, -3.0232881045152

Liverpool’s Seaforth grain terminal, UK