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site name Bruks-Siwertell

Grain handlers at the forefront of huge through-life cost savings 

Siwertell unloader unloading grain
9 May 2022

Grain is the third largest cargo that Bruks Siwertell machines handle, amounting to around 600 million metric tons every year, and operating with a competitive edge in this industry is key. We are working hard to deliver some of the most significant cost-saving advantages available on the market.

Together for the environment and the local community

People planting trees
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27 Apr 2022

Bruks Klöckner Gmbh, a Bruks Siwertell company based in Hirtscheid, Germany, has participated in a project to replant trees in an area that has been severely affected by the spruce

Dust: an issue solved with Bruks Siwertell technology

Bruks Siwertell conveyor
22 Apr 2022

Bruks Siwertell’s range of back-on, extended arm and drive-over truck dumpers have numerous dust mitigation features. These include fixed or articulating covers for receiving hoppers, enclosed on all sides, along with dust extractors and dust collection systems.

26 years old and still operating like new

Bruks Siwertell service on a ship unloader
8 Apr 2022

This particular machine, an ST 490-F, rail-mounted unit, works incredibly hard, operating for about 27,000 hours since its start-up, and running for around 3,000 hours/year; a fantastic figure for a 26-year-old unloader.

Circular giants meet booming industrial demands for stacking and reclaiming

Bruks Siwertel Stacker recelaimer
25 Mar 2022

Amid a year-on-year growing market upturn for containerboard and renewable energy, managing the huge volumes of organic material required for these booming industries requires an expert touch.

Close customer contact is key to long-term operational success

Siwertell ship loader
9 Mar 2022

By fostering close relationships with customers, it is natural for them to contact us if needed; Tony Aronsson, Area Manager, Services (APAC), Bruks Siwertell, explains how this is benefiting Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) with its 22-year-old Siwertell ship loader.

Size really does matter

Bruks equipment
28 Feb 2022

On the face of it, you might think that vast volumes of wood chips, which are roughly about the right size, would be fine for use in large-scale commercial renewable energy generation; in fact, you would need to think again. The consistency of wood chip size is a critical element in bioenergy production.

What the world needs now is greater efficiency

Siwertell ship unloader
7 Feb 2022

Additional cargo handling capacity, and a bit less time sitting in queues, would save the world’s global supply chains a lot of headaches right now; here is how high throughputs lend a helping hand, explains Per Hansson, Sales Director, Bruks Siwertell.

Rapid equipment deliveries help USA port recovery after hurricane hit

Bruks ship loader
24 Jan 2022

When Hurricane Laura tore through Port of Lake Charles in southwest Louisiana, USA, it caused extensive damage to almost every transit shed, warehouse, ship unloader and loader; Bruks Siwertell is doing its part to help with the port’s ongoing recovery.

Eyes on a new era, building on a strong past

Jonas Fack
14 Jan 2022

Jonas Fack, newly appointed President, Bruks Siwertell AB and Port Technology Division, Bruks Siwertell Group, and his predecessor, Per Karlsson, reflect on why innovation, personnel and a visionary spirit are so important to a company’s strength.