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When change is needed

If you are looking to upgrade, modernize or convert your bulk handling systems to meet your changing operational needs, then our experts are here to help.

Sometimes a system that suited an operation perfectly when it was delivered needs to be modified. We start by discovering exactly what an operator needs now, followed up by detailed upgrade suggestions. As the original manufacturer, Bruk Siwertell’s upgrades, modernizations and conversions yield outstanding results. We will calculate the most cost-effective alternatives and ensure that the changes will achieve your goal.

We can undertake everything from screw changes, PLC-upgrades and the installation of new radio systems to complex turn-key contracts.


New PLC unit and radio remote control system

The new PLC unit and radio remote control system have been specifically developed for its mobile unloader range, improving efficiency and incorporating a high-performance, cost-efficient remote monitoring system. 

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Four Siwertell ship unloaders on a pier


This system is recommended when more than one Siwertell (or any other travelling crane) is installed on the same rail. When the two machines are approximately six metres from each other, or there are other obstacles within the detecting range, the travelling motion is blocked so that the unloader cannot travel towards the other object, only away from it.

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Siwertell units have a fixed pendulum range for the vertical arm, and preset speeds for luffing, pendulum and travelling. The Manoeuvring Optimisation System (MOS) will improve the operation and lifte time of those machines. The system is designed to help the operator run the ship unloader with a high continuous capacity, without applying unnecessarily high digging forces.

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The clean-up unit for Siwertell unloaders can be used during the clean-up phase when unloading free-flowing materials such as cement or granulates. It is shaped like a spiral which, while rotating, collects and pushes the material inwards towards the inlet device and the vertical conveyor in the centre. 

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Bruks Siwertell has a service product that promises to substantially simplify and lower the cost of fitting replacement screws on its market-leading Siwertell ship unloaders.

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