The clean-up unit for Siwertell unloaders can be used during the clean-up phase when unloading free-flowing materials such as cement or granulates. It is shaped like a spiral which, while rotating, collects and pushes the material inwards towards the inlet device and the vertical conveyor in the centre. 
The clean-up unit has a built-in gimbal and is telescopic. This enables it to ride on the tank top regardless of the pendulum, luffing and tilting angles of the vertical conveyor arm. The clean-up unit has a diameter of approximately 2 metres.    


The clean-up unit is normally used during the clean-up phase and can be mounted in less than 30 minutes. It is able to sweep the tank top all the way down to a machine clean condition. 

The clean up work is thus considerably easier, and the use of front-end loaders and manual cleaning considerably reduced or completely eliminated (depending on ship design and shipping contract). In this way labour and machine cost is reduced. 

The clean-up unit will allow the operator to carry on unloading at a relatively high rate, as long as there is enough cargo available. Furthermore, the clean-up unit considerably reduces dust emissions, an important feature in today’s environmentally conscious world.


The clean-up unit can be installed on many existing Siwertell units. The scope of supply is normally as follows:

  • a hydraulic power pack, usually to be fitted near the existing power pack
  •  the clean-up unit, detachable section
  •  the clean-up unit support and machinery, to be permanently installed at the existing inlet device
  •  updated control system
  •  updated maintenance and operation manuals