Radio remote control box

The portable radio remote control box has the advantage as described alarms in detail on a display. Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders can be operated from a portable radio remote control box, which weighs only 2.2 kgs.

The radio remote control system enables the operator to move around freely on the ship’s deck to be positioned in a location that gives the best view of the hold for a safe and effective operation. The system offers advanced and safe 2-way communication between the operator and the equipment. No cables are attached to the portable radio remote control box.

Remote control box


The portable radio remote control box version 3-6 indicates the cause of the stop or any other kind of alarm in detail on the display. For installation of the radio remote control system, version 3-6, which is based on fieldbus technology, it is necessary to have either an existing electrical application with a PLC-system, or to install a new PLC-system.


We can now offer an improved portable remote control box. With this new design, four rows of information can be viewed on the new liquid crystal display. Users can also choose between twenty signs each and is multifunctional. The radio remote control box can be programmed to show a scale result ton/hour.

The design incorporates a new base plate containing two batteries, which can be replaced one-by one without any disruption of operations. Each battery pack has a capacity of 2200 mAh, which is sufficient for 8 hours of continuous operation. The operator will get a detailed explanation for any stop/alarm, as well as guidance on how to correct any fault without unnecessary time losses. 

With the radio remote control system the operator can streamline troubleshooting and maintenance, without consulting other staff or recourse to the display in the central control room.

Siwertell ship unloader


All portable radio control units are produced in accordance with customer specifications. The use of the radio remote control box will vary from delivery to delivery. The radio remote control box, version 3-6 with a liquid crystal display showing alphanumeric characters is delivered with 4x20 characters

• operator’s manual
• service manual
• delivery specific manuals

Radio remote control box:
Carried by the operator

Carrier belt:
Fixed to the box and connected to the
operator’s waist

2 x Battery:
Always of latest NiMh design with
approximately 8-10 hours operation

Battery charger:
Recharges the battery after it is used

Base unit:
Connected to a machine/PLC

Placed directly at the base unit