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New PLC unit and radio remote control system

Siwertell’s new PLC unit and radio remote control system have been specifically developed for its mobile unloader range, improving efficiency and incorporating a high-performance, cost-efficient remote monitoring system

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are the building blocks of modern control systems, designed to endlessly receive sensor input and repeat a sequence of commands without wearing out moving parts. They have proved to be extremely reliable, which is why their replacement is often a low priority for most operators. Obsolescence is the key driver for PLC changes; however there are a broad range of benefits that a new PLC or control system could offer before this point.

This Siwertell recognises these benefits and in line with its continuous commitment to develop products that offer customers operational advantages, it has developed a new PLC unit and a radio remote control system for its mobile ship unloader range. Both new developments are designed to provide fully-integrated solutions that increase operational efficiency. 

Cost-efficient remote monitoring 

Siwertell undertook substantial software developments following the company’s major overhaul of its mobile ship unloader technologies in 2016. Its new PLC system employs user interface touch-screen technology and a four-colour graphic operating panel, which communicates directly with the PLC system.

“Mobile ship unloaders manufactured before 2016 have PLC systems that are now considered obsolete, these are ideal candidates for a PLC upgrade. Our latest PLC technology was developed specifically for mobile applications and incorporates a high-performance, cost-efficient remote monitoring system, which reduces service and maintenance costs and equipment downtime,” explains Bengt Estberger, Manager Mobile Services, Siwertell. 

Customers benefit from a Netbiter gateway, a complete machine-to-machine solution that enables operators and Siwertell technicians to monitor equipment remotely via the web.

“Through remote access to the PLC, our global network of service technicians can access a list of installations and data reports, monitor equipment handling behaviour and diagnose problems securely,” he says. “This allows simplified fault-tracing, comprehensive real-time trouble-shooting and significant reductions in service visits.” 

An ideal combination

To complement its new PLC unit development, Siwertell has updated its remote-control solutions. The new radio remote control system combines safe and reliable operations with improved performance. Certified for use around the world, customers do not need to apply for a license to use the system.

“To make sure we continue to meet customer needs, Siwertell has developed systems that meet the demands of the industry today,” adds Mr Estberger. “The upgraded radio remote control system comes as a package with two handheld devices. Information is displayed directly on a built-in screen, allowing for quick and easy information retrieval. The system includes a base unit and a handset for the bellows.

Both new systems are available with all new mobile unloader units and can be retrofitted to most existing road-mobile unloaders. “Customers do not need to wait to take advantage of the remarkable range of benefits from our control system and PLC upgrades, they are available now,” he notes.


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