This system is recommended when more than one Siwertell (or any other travelling crane) is installed on the same rail. When the two machines are approximately six metres from each other, or there are other obstacles within the detecting range, the travelling motion is blocked so that the unloader cannot travel towards the other object, only away from it.


This basic version of the system prevents the end carriages of the cranes from colliding with each other when travelling on the same rail or with any other obstacle such as humans, cars or mobile cranes. There is also an advanced version, which prevents the arm systems from colliding

scope of supply

The unloader will be equipped with an anti-collision system that consists of two light scanners. The light scanners are placed on the end carriages of the ship unloader facing the other machine on the rail. 

The sensing range for the light scanners is 0.5 - 6 metres. Also available are new control cables from the sensors to the existing control system (PLC system); revised PLC programme; and updated maintenance and operation manuals.