The opertor’s cabin for both Siwertell continuous screw-type ship unloaders and for Siwertell ship loaders of screw, belt and aeroslide design, is mounted on an arm at the same level as the horizontal arm of the unloader/loader, the operator’s cabin slews along with the horizontal arm.


The operator’s cabin, mounted on the arm extends over the ship to give the operator a clear view into the cargo hold. The opertor’s cabin enables the operator to work comfortably even in challenging operating/weather conditions.


• a new tension detector is installed on the vertical conveyor steel structure
• the existing PLC programme system is updated
• a new separate PLC* for the Manoeuvring Optimisation System is installed

The complete system runs on this new PLC, which also comes with a new graphic display (MAC 700) where the values of capacity, inlet feeder speed, vertical motor load, slewing speed, structure tension, travel speed (on rail-mounted Siwertell units) and selected material to be unloaded are displayed.

The complete system is installed in a cabinet that will be fitted into the existing switch-gear compartment:
• new signal cables between the new PLC and the new sensor are installed
• updated maintenance and operation manuals

*) On some Siwertell units the existing PLC can be used.