Transfer trolley

A typical Siwertell continuous screw-type ship unloader travels on rails along the quay. The unloaded material must often be transferred from the traveling unloader to a fixed conveyor on shore. The Movable transfer trolley makes it possible to perform this material transfer without dust and spillage.

The Movable transfer trolley is mounted on the quay conveyor, which has the same length as the ship and runs parallel to the quay edge. The quay conveyor can be of either belt or screw type. It is built in a trough, which is covered by a special rubber belt. The Movable transfer trolley, pulled by the unloader, runs on rails on the outside of the trough. It lifts the belt at the point where the offloading gantry conveyor of the unloader is located.

Bruks Siwertell ship unloader with movable transfer trolley

The gantry conveyor of the unloader is connected to the Movable transfer trolley. The cargo is fed through the Movable transfer trolley on to the quay conveyor. The unloader can travel along the quay conveyor and still operate at full capacity.

The Movable transfer trolley arrangement completely eliminates dust and spillage at the transfer trolley point and enables the ship unloader to operate freely together with the quay conveyor. The design is more compact and less costly than a conventional conveyor gallery. Several optional accessories are available for the F-type Siwertell unloader, such as the operator’s cabin, reach extender, clean-up unit, hoist, etc.