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Upgraded ship unloader meets new demands

Siwertell, together with PT Gadelius, Siwertell’s representative in Indonesia and consultant for this project, have completed the commissioning of a totally-refurbished Siwertell ship unloader for PT Semen Gresik in Indonesia.

Dormant to delivering 2.2 million metric tons a year

The unloader had not been used for several years and to meet the customer’s new requirements for unloading approximately 2.2 million metric tons of coal per year, it needed to be refurbished and upgraded to achieve a rated capacity of 700t/h.

Siwertell considered all operational requirements, including the amount of coal and limited jetty access, especially during the rainy season, designing a discharge configuration to meet the operator’s needs. The modernised unit unloads barges of between 6,000 to 10,000 dwt and uses a belt conveying system, which was installed during the project. It transfers coal from the Siwertell ship unloader to the port’s receiving facilities. 

Siwertell ship unloader upgrade

Siwertell standards

Alongside Siwertell’s personnel, Triswono Nilam, from PT Gadelius, planned the project, the supply of equipment and the design of the unloader. To ensure high-capacity, efficient unloading operations and minimal wear resistance, parts that needed to be refurbished and upgraded to meet today’s Siwertell standards included the complete conveying system, operator’s cabin, electrical and hydraulic components for the unloader’s slewing machinery, as well as new electrical control systems with upgraded PLCs and HMI.

Five main phases

The unloader’s refurbishment work was undertaken in five main phases: engineering and equipment supply from Sweden; local overhaul of equipment, reinforcement of structure and painting; dismantling of vertical arm, horizontal arm, upper turret and gantry; installation of new equipment and systems; and finally, commissioning and training.

Commissioning was performed after the mechanical and electrical components of the ship unloader were installed. This was followed by an on-site training session for the operator including classroom training.


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