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Road-mobile 10 000 S

Siwertell road-mobile unloader 10 000 S

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Siwertell road-mobile 10 000 S

The Siwertell 10 000 S is our mid-sized road-mobile model, designed to use many of the same systems as the 5 000 S. This allows for more standardized components and the rapid availability of spare parts for many of our installations. 

The 10 000 S is slightly larger than the 5 000 S and has a three-axle trailer, higher supporting tower and longer conveyors to reach into the holds of larger vessels of around 10,000 dwt. The increased height and length also mean that a perfectly fitted counterweight is required and is installed at the start of operation. 

The rated capacity of the 10 000 S is up to 300t/h, equivalent to the 5 000 S, and it can handle a range of free-flowing bulk commodities just like the Siwertell 5 000 S and 15 000 S.




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