Installation options

Trailer units 

Road-mobile units are mounted on semi-trailers, providing the ideal solution for customers with operations at two or more locations, and for sites that do not allow for a permanent installation, or where jetties lack the necessary infrastructure. 

Siwertlell road-mobile unloader on a trailer

It takes less than an hour to complete the unfolding operation once the unloader arrives on site. Packing away at the end of unloading is equally quick, and these tasks can be carried out by a single operative.

Siwertell road-mobile unloader on gantry

Alternative set-ups 

Some customers need small unloaders, but without full road-mobile capability. These units can be installed on a gantry, some of which can move between holds, or on a foundation turret, requiring the ship to be moved along the jetty during unloading operations. If a degree of in-port mobility is required, a gantry-mounted unloader can be equipped with self-propelled rubber wheels or steel wheels for installation on rails.

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