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Travelling stacker

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Very high storage volumes achieved even in smaller spaces

The Bruks linear traveling stacker is a high capacity conveyor-type material handling system that can accommodate a wide variety of commodities from coal and hogged bark to wood chips. It generates long piles, making them easy to cover if required.

The Bruks linear traveling stacker is fully automated, removing the need for an operator, and compliments uninterrupted material unloading and storage.

All our linear traveling units ensure the safe, easy and efficient stacking of material into organized storage piles and we offer several designs to suit each application. They are an ideal choice for achieving high storage volumes at very high rates of reception, even when space is constrained. Material can be received from a variety of sources including railcars, trucks, ships and barges.

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Designed to suit customer-specific needs

As with all our systems, the linear traveling stacker can be designed to meet specific pile size and storage requirements. These features include slewing, shuttling and luffing options.

The slewing and shuttling options provide customers with maximum stacking flexibility, allowing the boom to rotate and telescope in and out. One linear stacker can build two adjacent linear piles.

To minimize dust and particulate emissions, the stacker can include a luffing option, which is used to mitigate the fugitive dust created as material freefalls from the stacker boom onto the pile below. This is achieved by lowering the boom’s discharge chute to its lowest point before beginning to pile material. The boom automatically rises as the storage pile increases.

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Proven reliability, long service life

All Bruks Siwertell systems are delivered for a long, effective service life. Numerous worldwide installations prove their performance and reliability in the field.

These heavy-duty stackers are robust and intrinsically designed to handle even the most abrasive of commodities. When wear parts are needed, our global service support ensures that your machines are up-and-running in the fastest time possible.


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