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Linear overpile portal reclaimer

Bruks overpile stacker reclaimer

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Versatile reclaimers that can span entire material piles

Bruks Siwertell has the technical knowledge and expertise to design and deliver market-leading linear overpile portal reclaimers. These find their best use reclaiming materials from very wide piles, or inside structures.

To span these wide distances, reclaim booms are strengthened by structural supports that rest on tracks either side of a linear pile. Rather than cantilevering the boom using tall masts and cable systems, the boom is supported from above with winches and cables routed through pulleys mounted onto the portal structure. Both ensure that it is possible to lift and control the position of a longer boom with great accuracy and stability.

Linear portal reclaimers are well suited for use with wood chips, hogged fuels and wood pellets, and for various minerals that tend to require covered storage areas in port including pot ash, aggregate, limestone, and many others.

Bruks overpile stacker reclaimer

Extra-wide widths and space constraints

In outdoor applications, the boom is generally the width of the pile, greater widths are possible than when using a cantilevered design. Similar in action to the cantilevered boom, the portal-supported boom sweeps back and forth across the face of the pile, drawing granular material onto the reclaim belt conveyor on one side. Tilt switches keep track of the pile edges, leaving the entire mechanism to operate automatically and independently. Outdoor linear piles are built with linear stackers

When overhead space is limited, for example an indoor installations, it is possible to split the boom into two or three sections; all working together to achieve the same outcome. This allows the portal structure to fit just below the eaves of the structure, while still supporting the various beam sections.

An overhead tripper is typically used to build the pile inside a building. This leaves the sides of the pile free, allowing the portal structure to travel on the rails either side of it.

Proven design delivers efficient reclaiming

As with all the automated stacker reclaimer products by Bruks, this style of reclaimer runs automatically and unattended. Sensors on the booms and weigh scales on the reclaim belt conveyor keep track of the operation of the boom and rakes, adjusting for sweep speed, bite depth, and boom angle. A consistent, blended reclaim rate is achieved.


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