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Cantilever chain reclaimer

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Heavy-duty reclaimer for hard to handle commodities

High capacity linear storage piles need to be reclaimed on one side, with the recovered material carefully transferred onto a moving belt conveyor. Bruks’ cantilevered chain reclaimers meet these needs, reclaiming even hard to handle materials with ease.

Reclaiming booms can be 69m (225ft) in length or longer and reach across the width of the pile as the carriage trolley moves back and forth beside it. Supported by a cable mast, the boom is lowered slightly at the end of each pass. The chain and rake system pull the wood chips, fuels, coal, or other granular bulk material in storage to the edge of the pile, then up a short lifting pan or off a shelf and onto the belt conveyor.

For enclosed storage areas, shorter booms are typically needed, with the carriage trolley remaining located on one side of the pile and the boom reaching the far edge. The trolley moves on steel wheels running on rails, with all the necessary motor drive components mounted on it. A festoon arrangement or cable reel provides power to the trolley.

Like all our machines, the cantilever chain reclaimer is designed for maximum wear life. The reclaimer’s inclined pan and chute are designed with no obstructions and have abrasion-resistant wear plates.

Bruks linear cantilevered reclaimer

Robust, proven design

Our fully automated cantilever linear overpile reclaimer ensures the safe, easy and efficient storage, blending and reclaiming of materials. Its heavy duty reclaimer boom and mainframe are mounted on rails, allowing the unit to reliably travel alongside the pile.

The mainframe is fitted with the mast structure and hoist, and an access platform. It also houses the electronic control room, containing on-board elements such as the programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and variable frequency drives (VFDs). The room also includes a heating and cooling unit that ensures temperatures are maintained at optimum levels for the equipment. The control room is shipped pre-tested and fully assembled.

The reclaimer boom has a robust truss design with a wear liner for its reclaim chain. It is attached via a bolted connection to the elevation chute, which is fixed to the reclaimer drive carriage and supported by steel wheels on support rails. The angle of the boom is controlled by a cable winch with multi-strand pulley reduction.

Wear-resistant chain drives

The reclaimer’s chain drive is typically a shaft-mounted-type gear reducer with a motor delivering power to the reclaimer drive shaft. The drive shaft is designed with heavy duty roller bearings and chain sprockets. Together these ensure reliable performance even under the toughest conditions.


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