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site name Bruks-Siwertell

Blending bed stacker reclaimer

Bruks bleding bed stacker reclaimer

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A true first-in, first-out storage technology

Our fully automated circular blending bed stacker reclaimer (BBSR) offers significant operational advantages for applications where complete pile blending is essential.

The Bruks BBSR maintains material consistency and quality. Piles are built continuously in a 360-degree rotational pattern. Successive layers of material are laid down to form the pile using a stacking conveyor that pivots through a complete circle as the pile grows.

The reclaim bridge is located at ground level and moves into the pile as it reclaims. Simultaneously, a harrow agitates the reclaiming face of the pile, fluidizing the material. A large diameter screw catches all the falling material, transfers it to the center area, where it drops through a conical chute onto the reclaim belt. This belt passes under the pile and emerges beyond the edge, maintaining the circular base of the pile without interruption.

Large diameter rubber wheels resting on a concrete ring drive the reclaim boom into the pile, effectively setting the reclaim rate.

This is a true first-in first-out (FIFO) system, with the oldest material in the pile always being reclaimed first. The layers of material laid down during the pile formation process are cut through at right angles by the harrow, effectively blending scores of layers at one time. The impact of any errant load or out-of-specification material, which may have been added to the pile in error, is averaged with the balance of the pile’s content, reducing any variation to a minimum.

In most applications, the length of time that material remains in the stacker reclaimer is so short that the normal pile issues of microbial degradation and heat generation do not have a chance to emerge. Stored materials are never driven over or mis-handled, causing unnecessary damage and pile compression is minimized by keeping pile heights low.

The circular conical pile shape also sheds rainwater, reducing the impact of rain events on pile moisture content.

Bruks Bleding Bed Stacker Reclaimer

Tried and tested designs

With an installation base of over 100 circular stacker reclaimers in operation, our designers are in the perfect position to leverage their knowledge and experience to develop new designs and incorporate innovative technology.

As clients look to further automate and reduce costs, the FIFO pile storage advantage has proven itself to save money in yield and uniformity, not to mention the direct cost savings in the material handling.

Legendary quality

Like all our machines, the blending bed stacker reclaimer is designed for maximum wear life.

The harrow and carriage are mounted on a robust rail system located on top of the bridge allowing the unit to reliably travel alongside the pile. The bridge is fitted with a dedicated control room that houses critical electrical engineering components.

All stacker reclaimers are fitted with similar insulated motor control units that have an isolated cabinet complete with industrial environmental controls. The heating and cooling unit ensures that temperatures are maintained at optimum levels for all equipment. The control room is shipped to the site pre-tested and fully assembled.

Bruks Bleding Bed Stacker Reclaimer


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