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Circular stacker

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High capacity pile building

In applications where bulk material must be stacked out quickly and in a way that it can be efficiently manually managed by bulldozers, such as coal being delivered to a power plant, our Bruks circular stackers are an ideal choice.

With a typical material handling capacity of 6,000t/ or higher, they build a semi-circular pile at heights in excess of 15m. The rail trucks that feed the stacker are unloaded while in motion, discharging material into receiving hoppers.

Circular stackers are offered in several design varieties, including a pivoting stacking conveyor supported by a pedestal, allowing the formation of a pile up to 300-degrees rotation. In another, the stacking conveyor has a pivot at the tail end, with the conveyor truss being supported by wheeled legs that run on a curved track. In both cases the conveyor can be of fixed length, or telescoping for added pile-building capacity.

Bruks circular stacker reclaimer

Dust and particulate emissions are minimized through the stacker’s optinal luffing design. This allows the stacker to lower the boom discharge chute to its lowest point before the discharge of material onto the pile begins. The boom automatically rises in small pre-set increments as the storage pile builds, or when the pile-sensing limit switches have been reached.

If capacity, automation and particulate control are key factors for your operation, the circular stacker delivers on all counts. We have systems that can handle in excess of 280,000m3 (10 million cubic feet) of active storage.

For more sensitive cargoes, such as wood chips for pulp mills, fully automated stacker reclaimer designs are now the preferred choice. They mitigate the negative aspects of bulldozer operation on top of piles, grinding the chips into fragments, and offer cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Bruks circular stacker reclaimer


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