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Hammer mill (green materials)

Bruks Hammermill green mateirals

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High moisture content handled with ease.

Bruks high-capacity hammer mills for green wood grinding have been specially designed to handle the increased moisture content of these wood products.

Their heavy-duty construction effectively and efficiently grinds green wood particles, as well as most other waste wood materials, into a valuable fiber commodity for the wood-processing market. This includes the particle board industry, pellet production and other biofuel producers. 

Bruks Hammermill green materials

Our hammer mill units have a flexible configuration of screen modules to meet a wide variety of customer specifications. The type and number of beaters, as well as screen perforation details, are dimensioned according to requirements.

Optional magnetic drums, as well as pneumatic heavy-particle separators, are also available to protect operations from ferrous or other contaminants.

A single green wood hammer mill machine has a rated capacity of up to 60t/h.

Bruks Hammermill green mateirals

Even wear, low maintenance

The counter-clockwise and clockwise rotation of the hammer mill means that it is not necessary to turn the beaters, screens and milling segments to ensure an even wear pattern. This delivers reduced maintenance costs. These low costs are further supported by the highly-robust, wear-resistant properties of the beaters. 

If a part does need to be serviced or changed, we have designed these units to be as easily accessible as possible, so that wear parts can be replaced quickly and downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. For example, screens are clamped in position by bolted milling segments. 

Also, both of the lateral housing parts including screens and milling segments can be folded away using hydraulic cylinders. This ensures quick and easy access to all machinery parts.

Bruks Hammermill green materials


Cleaning device

Image: The machine housing has an integrated cleaning device


Milling segments

Image: The screen is clamped with milling segments


operating unit

Image: Operating unit for safety and maintenance functions

Technical data


Rotor Diameter

Infeed Opening

Number of Hammers

Screening Surface [m²]

Capacity [t/h]*


Weight [kg]**

HH 300x850


300 x 850



2 - 4

75 - 110

1 400

HH 300x1.200


300 x 1.200



3 - 6

110 - 160

1 600

HH 400x1.500

1 000

400 x 1.500



5 - 10

160 - 250

5 500

HH 500x1.800

1 300

500 x 1.800



8 - 18

250 - 400

9 500

HH 600x2.000

1 600

600 x 2.000



15 - 25

400 - 630

15 000

*depending on kind and dimensions of material, moisture content and screen size

**only hammermill without a motor/cleaning/feeding device