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Chain conveyors

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Strong, wear-resistant chains deliver optimum conveying solutions 

Our Bruks Klöckner range of drag-chain conveyors offer a robust, effective method of conveying some of the industry’s hardest-to-handle products, such as stringy materials like unsorted bark. They are an optimum solution for the totally-enclosed transport of materials in applications with limited space.

Bruks Chain Conveyor

Bruks’ drag-chain conveyors employ a heavy-duty chain and paddle transport arrangement that effectively traps and drags material between the paddles along the length of the conveyor to its end destination.

The chains are constructed from high-grade welded steel and have a mechanical or hydraulic tensioning system that ensures they remain taught and effective. When conveying pellets, the paddles are fitted with plastic strips to avoid any material degradation.

Owing to the strength and wear-resistance of our chains, these conveyors deliver high reliability, often making them a system of choice for power and pellet plants, saw mills, the panel board and pulp and paper industries.

Bruks conveyors have low operational costs and are designed to meet customer applications from single-line conveyors with a 600mm width to heavy-duty conveyors with dual-chains up to a 2,000mm width.

A key feature of the Bruks chain conveyor is the high angle of operation it can achieve. Loading the conveyor occurs at low angles, horizontal is optimal, with the chain and paddles turning upwards in a transition piece with easily replaceable wear strips. Angles, as high as 45 degrees, are used to shorten the horizontal distances between the loading and discharge points.

Bruks chain caonveyor illustration

Upper and lower trough conveying

To meet the various granularity properties of the material being conveyed, our drag-chain conveyors are designed to offer two handling sections; one in the upper part of the trough, the other in the lower. The common rectangular frame carries both the upper and lower sections of chains and paddles.

More granular materials, such as pellets, sawdust, wood chips, fall through the upper chain area to the lower section. But stringier materials, such as bark, remain in the upper section, so they are unable to block the spaces between the chains or becoming tangled in the paddles.

Segregation of material prevents unnecessary downtime and ensures that the lower trough is used more frequently. This also offers long-term maintenance advantages as it is significantly easier to replace the base wear plate, rather than the internal one within the conveyor.