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Magazine cover Bulk Handling News
17 Jan 2022

The latest edition of Bruks Siwertell’s Bulk Handling News is now available to read. This year marks our twentieth year of sharing industry advances through a customer publication. Like its many predecessors, throughout this issue, new orders, a growing strength, and a dedication to operational solutions and customer service are evident.

New Siwertell ship unloader ordered to double cement handling capacity in Kuwait port 

Siwertell cement ship unloader
22 Nov 2021

Bruks Siwertell has won a new order from returning customer, Kuwait Portland Cement Co, for an ST 490-M Siwertell ship unloader, equipped with a new side tilt motion for enhanced through-ship efficiency.

Two new Siwertell road-mobile ship unloaders support US cement handling operations

Siwertell road-mobile ship unloader 5000 S
1 Nov 2021

Bruks Siwertell will deliver two new Siwertell road-mobile ship unloaders for dust-free cement handling operations in North America. Destined for an undisclosed owner, these new 5000 S units will join the company’s other existing Siwertell technology.


Siwertell ship unloader
20 Oct 2021

Bruks Siwertell will deliver two large-scale Siwertell ST 790-D-type ship unloaders for a new ultra-supercritical power station under construction in southern China.

Siwertell road-mobile cement unloader delivered to USA operator

Siwertell road-mobile unloader, 5 000S
1 Sep 2021

“This is Ozinga’s first Siwertell ship unloader,” says Ken Upchurch, VP Sales and Marketing, Bruks Siwertell. “The Ozinga team invested time in researching various types of unloading equipment and concluded that the Siwertell road-mobile unloader was the best solution for its application.“

Alumina handling operator set to benefit from Siwertell ship unloader technology

Siwertell road-mobile unloading alumina
23 Aug 2021

Bruks Siwertell has won an order for a Siwertell 10,000 S next-generation road-mobile unloader from new customer Trimet France. It is destined for unloading dry bulk cargoes of alumina in Marseille; the country’s largest port. The unloader offers extremely efficient, dust-free alumina handling with minimal material degradation and very low energy consumption.

Repeat Siwertell unloader order for safe sulfur and rock phosphate handling in Paradeep 

Siwertell ship unloader
9 Aug 2021

Bruks Siwertell has won a contract to deliver a second Siwertell screw-type ship unloader to leading Indian fertilizer company, Paradeep Phosphates Ltd (PPL), operating at the port of Paradeep, in Odisha, India.

Siwertell unloader delivers dust-free cement handling in Houston

Siwertell continous cement handling shipunloader in Houston
7 Jul 2021

Bruks Siwertell has now completed the commissioning of a new Siwertell ST 640-M screw-type ship unloader in Houston, Texas, USA; as far upstream the Buffalo Bayou as ocean-going vessels can go.

New President appointed for Bruks Siwertell AB and Port Technology Division, Bruks Siwertell Group 

1 Jul 2021

After more than two decades at the helm, Per Karlsson has stepped down as President, Bruks Siwertell AB and Port Technology Division, Bruks Siwertell Group, passing the torch onto Jonas Fack, effective 1st July.

New President appointed for Wood Technology Division, Bruks Siwertell Group

woman in white shirt and black blazer
1 Jul 2021

Bruks Siwertell Group has appointed Larisa Gyllenrapp as its new President, Wood Technology Division. She takes over from Jonas Fack who has assumed his new role as President, Bruks Siwertell AB and Port Technology Division, Bruks Siwertell Group, effective 1st July.