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Original spare parts guarantee the best results

Whether replacing damaged or consumable (wear) parts, Bruks Siwertell only uses original spare parts when carrying out service and maintenance tasks for its unloaders, loaders and conveyors.

This is because we know that using the best quality components ensures the highest levels of availability and minimizes the possibility of unscheduled downtime.

Just like Bruks Siwertell’s market-leading systems, our original spare parts benefit from decades of continuous research, development and improvement.


Bruks Siwertell technology

Meeting tomorrow's needs

Bruks Siwertell technology continues to push the limits of capacity and service life. With original wear parts, you will always have the lowest cost per metric ton unloaded.


Siwertell inlet feeder

Inlet feeder

For ship unloaders with a direct current-driven inlet feeder – delivered mainly in the 1970s and 80s – there is limited availability of spare parts on the market, both in terms of the drives and the motors. Upgrading the inlet feeder drive for a Siwertell unloader is quite simple today thanks to new-generation frequency converters and standard asynchronous motors. This upgrade will improve a ship unloader’s operational capabilities.

Siwertell od bearing

Outer diameter (OD) bearing

This type of circumference bearing provides a continuous screw flight along the length of the conveyor. It minimizes the risk of material becoming stuck and in comparison with standard inner diameter bearings, reduces the risk of tramp material causing damage. Wear on the transport screw flight edges is also considerably lower with this system. 

Siwertell Simon

SiMon, monitoring system

SiMon, the monitoring system, is a modern human machine interface (HMI) system, available as an option for Siwertell ship unloaders. FactoryTalk, part of the SiMon system, is a supervisory HMI software package.    

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Bruks Siwertell conveyors

Screw conveyors

The Screw conveyors have a market-leading position. Our expert supervisors have a wealth of experience at your service to help you understand the operational capabilities and life expectancy of a screw conveyor, as well as the impact that some materials have on it.

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Emergency manoeuvre unit

This feature prevents the ship from being blocked by the arm system in case of power supply failure. If blocked, the ship is not able to move or leave the port.



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