Emergency manoeuvre unit

Hydraulically operated Siwertell ship unloaders can in most cases be equipped with an emergency manoeuvre unit. This is a unit that can generate hydraulic power if the main power supply fails. The emergency manoeuvre unit can be driven by a diesel or a petrol combustion motor. In this way the hydraulically powered motions of the arm system  (normally luffing, pendulum and slewing) remain functional, however at a reduced speed.


This feature prevents the ship from being blocked by the arm system in case of power supply failure. If blocked, the ship is not able to move or leave the port. The emergency manoeuvre unit can therefore be a real cost saver, especially in areas with unreliable power supply. 

The unit can also be very useful during maintenance work when the main power may not be available or suitable to use.

Scope of supply 

  • Emergency manoeuvre unit, driven either by a diesel or a petrol combustion engine to be installed inside the main hydraulic cabinet
  • Connection hoses/couplings
  • Maintenance and operation manuals