SIMON, Siwertell monitoring system

SiMon, the Siwertell monitoring system, is a modern HMI system, available as an option for Siwertell ship unloaders. FactoryTalk is a supervisory HMI software package. It has a distributed and scalable architecture that supports user applications. It provides maximum control over information where you want it. FactoryTalk supports editing and reusing projects for improved portability between ambedded machine and supervisory HMI systems.


SiMon offers many advantages:

  • easy start up of unloader
  • reduced time for trouble-shooting
  • display of key parameters
  • analysing tools for problem solving
  • maintenance instructions on screen     
  • including drawings
  • logbook on screen
  • storage of historical data, alarm database
  • remote access by Siwertell    
  • engineers (optional)
  • access tags via a tag browser that presents direct PLC tags and HMI tags in a logical hierarcy 


scope of supply

  • the FactoryTalk service architecture provides common services such as security, alarm and diagnostics for all products
  • graphical display of the Siwertell
  • digitalised drawings for the mechanical maintenance