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Bruks technology package ordered for US mill modernization

4 Jul 2022

Bruks Siwertell has won an equipment contract from a leading American paper and packaging supplier. The new woodyard will modernize the returning customer’s southern USA mill, delivering state-of-the-art efficiency and environmental protection to this specialist packaging paper and cardboard facility.

“The new storage and reclaiming system is fully automated, replacing mobile equipment with a safe, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly solution,” says Christopher Duffy, Area Sales Manager, Bruks Siwertell. “Our automated stacker reclaimers have a fraction of the carbon footprint of a manually managed pile, and offer much improved dust mitigation. 

“Returning customers are always a huge endorsement,” Duffy continues. “Previous installations for the operator include several stacker reclaimers, truck-receiving equipment, and conveyor systems located throughout various facilities in North America. This order represents the customer’s largest equipment scope to date from Bruks Siwertell.”

As well as experience with previous installations, Bruks Siwertell was selected in large part due to its commitment to deliver on schedule during what is otherwise a challenging period for global supply chains. “With this new contract, we look forward to continuing our excellent relationship,” he adds.

The new complete woodyard includes a back-on truck dumper, a 127,425m3 (4.5 million ft3) fully automated circular blending bed stacker reclaimer (CBBSR), a bark screening and processing system, and a complete conveyor package feeding from the chipping line to the existing screen building.

It has a capacity to deliver 800t/h of wood chips from the chipping line and truck dumper to the stacker reclaimer, and wood chips at 400t/h from the stacker reclaimer to the processing plant. 

The CBBSR offers a first-in first-out (FIFO) mechanism, with the oldest material in the pile always being reclaimed first and blending reducing any variation to a minimum, protecting the feedstock from degradation and the risk of ‘hot spots’ from microbial action.

“At Bruks Siwertell we pride ourselves on the ability to provide the very best value for wood-processing industries, and the contract represents the fifth order for a Bruks CBBSR in North America in as many years,” notes Duffy. “Our systems set an industry standard for high-volume wood processing, maximizing the use of the initial feedstock and eliminating waste from the manufacturing chain.” 

The new equipment is planned for delivery in spring 2023, with operations scheduled to start later in the same year. 

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