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Bruks Siwertell rolls out new digital control system for mobile chipping range

5 Sep 2022

Bruks Siwertell is advancing the technological capabilities of its range of Bruks mobile chippers with the intelligent mobile chipping (IMC) control system; a new method for optimizing power management, fuel efficiency and throughput in the production of wood chips.

Providing an essential resource that feeds the biomass, pulp and paper, and containerboard industries, wood chipping has increased in scope, precision, and in demand. Maximizing the usability and minimizing waste in forestry industries feedstocks has never been more important, requiring fine control over and monitoring of wood chip size and excellent quality control, with minimal environmental impact.

Answering this need, Bruks mobile off-road, on-road, and terminal-type chippers offer unmatched high-capacity and efficiency in a robust, compact package. These capabilities are now enhanced by the IMC. The new integrated control system, under development for three years, offers in-depth, intuitive operational control, enhancing the heavy-duty hardware that serves customers currently.

“Good software has to match good hardware, both parts are equally important and must work together,” says Christian Ehn, Manager Mobile Chippers, Bruks Siwertell. “Electronics and digital capabilities are advancing at a pace, and after more than 15 years using our existing digital control system, we knew that it was time to take advantage of these and step towards a new system for the future.

“Through earlier developments, we have already seen the benefits of a database-based control system being able to manage both the input and output of the material in the chipper,” he notes. “We have continued to refine this technology over the years, optimizing our machines.”

IMC’s programming takes advantage of decades of mobile chipping experience and its optimized control, and has been created together with Bruks Siwertell’s system supplier. IMC integrates all sensor inputs: in addition to controlling the chipper itself, it controls the chipper’s power source; lighting; heating, reversing cameras; and most importantly, fuel economy. 

Developed with scalability in mind, the ‘plug and play’ system makes it straightforward to add and integrate additional components such as weighing scales, and refill pumps, and also when required, the crane control can be integrated into the IMC.

Through an industry-standard CAN bus control system, IMC maintains full engine control, giving users the ability to optimize its operating profile from one chipping job to the next. The RiFuce circuit breaker unit replaces traditional fuses and relays, and a built-in logic function controls electric motors, such as fans, in a more intelligent way. Cable harnesses are designed in accordance with the most stringent industry standards, and the entire system meets with current requirements for fire and machine protection.

Inside the operator cabin there is a 10-inch color touchscreen, with easy access to settings and diagnostics. Controls are located next to the crane joysticks. Alternatively, with integrated crane control, all controls are included with a specially designed lever box. Outside, in the chipper unit, is the robust Parker IQAN, offering the best balance of toughness and reliability the industry has to offer. 

IQANrun or IQANgo applications offer remote support and troubleshooting via GSM, enabling ever-greater redundancy. 

“The possibilities are enormous,” adds Ehn. “Through continuous development, we want to make sure that our customers can keep testing the limits of throughput and efficiency, every day. That is why our robust mobile chipper systems are being fitted with the hardest-wearing control system on the market.”

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Christian Ehn
Sales & Market Manager Forest • Mobile Chippers

Christian Ehn

+46 706993110

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