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site name Bruks-Siwertell
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Warehouse improvements enhance personnel working conditions 

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9 Oct 2023

Warehouses demand a lot of the personnel that operate within them. Part of Bruks Siwertell’s strategy for continuous improvement has recently seen the warehouse environment in Bjuv, Sweden, undergo a series of systematic improvements, working towards the Group’s sustainability targets of enhanced health and safety measures and zero workplace accidents.

Sustainability goal: social 

One of Bruks Siwertell Group’s social sustainability initiatives includes aiming for zero workplace accidents by 2030. In line with this, and as part of Bruks Siwertell’s strategy for continuous health and safety advances, the warehouse environment in Bjuv, Sweden, has recently undergone a series of systematic improvements. 

Solution and results

Warehouses are busy environments that demand a lot of the personnel that operate within them; adherence to strict safety regulations is paramount. As a result of a detailed warehouse survey, a number of areas were identified for overhaul and replacement. This included fitting new windows to improve the quality of light in the environment, and the floor being coated in a material that is easier to clean. The warehouse ventilation system has also been upgraded, along with the ventilation system in one of the offices. 

Further modernizations include sourcing new all-electric forklifts, which have a dedicated space for charging and for servicing when necessary.

In terms of improving functionality, pull-out shelving has been installed for smaller goods, making them easier to access and not automatically requiring the use of a forklift. Old ladders, with low guardrails, which have the potential risk of falls, have been replaced with new ladders with higher safety standards. 

Personal safety equipment, such as goggles for eye protection, protective masks for use when handling chemicals, and head-gear with hearing protection have all been upgraded. The warehouse first aid kit has also been improved, renewed and expanded.

Also, risk assessments for all equipment have been completed, including air quality measurements, and further detailed risk assessments for work processes will be carried out, with action plans set to begin later in the year.  

Personnel have embraced the benefits of these workplace changes, and have regular weekly meetings to plan and follow-up completed and outstanding tasks. All changes have made the entire space healthier, safer and more pleasant to work in. 

Monitoring and assessing sustainability milestones and achievements

Bruks Siwertell Group’s sustainability goals are assessed from an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) perspective, with each initiative falling into one or more of these categories. This is to clarify how different initiatives impact our overall sustainability work, and how their results can be used to maximum effect. It also contributes to our commitment to transparency. All aspects of our sustainability work are designed to be educational, so that we increase our knowledge and adjust our ambitions accordingly.


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