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site name Bruks-Siwertell
site name Bruks-Siwertell
Siwertell shipunloader animation drybulk

Detailed animation showcases screw-type unloading technology

8 Nov 2017

Siwertell’s digital content brings the physical and digital worlds together to provide an informative, customer-driven experience. New interactive visual aids on the website illustrate the scope of functions and features of our equipment.

Most notably, our recently updated continuous ship unloader animation provides a wealth of information on our screw-conveying technology, which, for more than forty years, has provided the world’s cleanest, most efficient, continuous dry bulk unloading performance.


Seeing is believing

Accompanying the principal performance points of our ship unloaders, the explanatory, three-dimensional animation brings to life the capabilities and advantages of this technology and is reflective of our commitment to forward-thinking design.


Innovation on display

Screw-conveying technology is by no means new; in fact, our technology is a development of the principles of the Archimedes Screw, named after the Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, and astronomer, Archimedes of Syracuse. However, traditional screw conveyors were not energy-efficient enough and feeding dry material into the screw is difficult.

Our unique developments hinged on the exceptional performance of a counter-rotating inlet feeder, which ensures efficient material pick-up into the vertical screw conveyor. Complementing this is a totally-enclosed conveying line offering high-capacity, continuous environmentally-friendly operations.

See the animation here

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