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Conveying systems to cope with every challenge

Conveying bulk material smoothly and efficiently demands versatile, reliable, environmentally-friendly conveying equipment that requires little routine maintenance.

We offer horizontal and vertical screw conveyors that can both be inclined, along with belt conveyors, chain conveyors, vibrating conveyors, tubulators, air-supported conveyors, as well as aeroslide systems. We design and install efficient conveying systems for almost any dry bulk material and terminal type, including those with complex requirements.

Our conveyors can be delivered as stand-alone units or as part of complete bulk material handling systems. 

Screw conveying systems deliver exceptional performance

Our totally-enclosed screw conveyors are ideal for handling powdery, dusty dry bulk materials, especially where scrupulously clean operations are essential. They are lightweight with very small physical footprint, and are available in several diameter sizes to accommodate a wide range of capacities and applications. Bruks Siwertell screw conveyors are used in bulk handling ports, terminals, and other shore-based facilities.

Minimal maintenance

Bruks Siwertell's robust screw conveyors have long service lives. High-quality construction and easy replacement of wear parts reduces maintenance to a minimum.

Space saving vertical conveyors

A vertical screw conveyor can elevate material up to 40m. Combining multiple conveyors in a series allows material to be raised to any required height. The same principle holds for horizontal conveyors. Very high capacity operations are achieved by installing two or more screw conveyors alongside each other, served by the same loading box. Vertical screw conveyors require much less space than a bucket elevator, making them ideal when space is limited. The highest capacity for a single vertical screw conveyor is 1,500t/h. Read more >>

Excellent links: horizontal conveyors

Some terminals have complex conveying needs. Siwertell horizontal conveyors can be inclined and are reversible. They can be supplied with multiple inlets and outlets, allowing very flexible cargo distribution arrangements. Read more >>


Siwertell belt conveyors set new standards

Siwertell’s new range of modular belt conveyors delivers high standards of cleanliness, efficiency and economy. Used in combination with ship unloading/loading equipment and in marine terminal applications, they match the up and down-stream conveying requirements of ship loaders and unloaders.

The belt conveying systems are ideal when very high capacities are needed, typically handling materials such as coal, ores, minerals, grain, feedstuff and fertilizers.  


Tailor-made modular designs

Siwertell’s new-generation belt conveyor systems are tailored for each operation. Nevertheless, their modular design ensures rapid lead and installation times.

Clean conveying

Optional covers and spillage plates ensure clean, spillage free belt conveying with minimal dust creation.


Aeroslide conveyors: ideal for height restricted areas

Siwertell’s totally-enclosed aeroslide conveyors are used to handle easily fluidized materials such as cement, dry fly ash and alumina. They can load ships up to 80,000 dwt. Aeroslide conveyors are supplied for various applications in bulk terminals, and they must be installed on a downward slope, as gravity is essential to their operation. They can be ideal when height restrictions are a major factor.

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