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site name Bruks-Siwertell
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Bruks Siwertell coronavirus (COVID-19) update: health and safety come first

22 Mar 2020

Bruks Siwertell is monitoring the development of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and taking all necessary measures to help limit its spread and impact on our operations. The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners remains our number one priority and we are working hard to ensure that we minimize any risks related to its spread. This includes strictly following World Health Organization (WHO) guidance across all our units.

"The most important thing right now is everyone’s health,” says Peter Jonsson, CEO, Bruks Siwertell Group. “Our role is to help critical bulk handling and wood processing industries remain operational. We are finding ways to support everyone, and I hope that together, we are able to develop solutions that both protect each other as well as keep businesses up and running at levels as close to normal as we can.

“I feel confident that we will be able to handle the challenges that COVID-19 brings in a cautious and professional way, and maintain our commitment as a responsible, caring and committed employer and supplier. Our thoughts are with those directly affected by the virus.”

Some of the preventative and protective measures currently in place at Bruks Siwertell:

  • We are asking that no one enters any Bruks Siwertell premises if they have been to any of the current COVID-19 high-risk zones in the last 14 days, or have been in contact with someone who may have been exposed to the coronavirus, or are themselves experiencing even mild symptoms of a cold or flu. This applies to Bruks Siwertell employees, customers and partners in all countries worldwide.
  • We are carrying out our service support remotely through live video links, emails and phone calls whenever we cannot visit customers face-to-face.
  • We have implemented precautionary travel restrictions. This also includes recommending that everyone at Bruks Siwertell is to avoid any non-business travel.
  • We continue to promote rigorous personal hygiene practices and increased deep-cleaning routines in our manufacturing locations and offices.
  • We promote ‘social distancing’ and ask that all close personal interactions are limited, along with the number of personnel in any common workspace.
  • To limit exposure levels, wherever possible, we have made appropriate work arrangements and encourage employees to work from home.


Bruks Siwertell is continuously updating its response to coronavirus (COVID-19); adapting  operations and services to the challenges of the current situation, so that we can continue to meet our customers’ needs and maintain the supply of our products and services. So far, we have not experienced any major delays to our services or deliveries, and we are doing everything in our power to maintain this. However, we cannot rule out that the current situation may impact our business in the future.

We thank our employees, customers and partners for their understanding and continued cooperation during these challenging times.


Please contact us for more information

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CEO, Bruks Siwertell Group

Peter Jonsson

Director of Marketing Communications, Bruks Siwertell Group

Emily Brækhus Cueva

+46 706858023

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